Introducing Anker Fan Swag | Pick What You Want Most!

Hey there, Anker fans!

We’ve heard from many of you on the community that you would totally rock some Anker swag if given the chance. From shirts to hats, or even socks :laughing:, it seems that the world is ready for fans who rep Anker on the daily.

So fear not, faithful forum members! We’re putting everyone who is Level 7 or above in the Community on the fast track to receive some Anker fan gear. We just have one problem…we’re not sure what to make!

We have several ideas lined up, but we need you to tell us what you want most! Please take a moment to answer this poll, and we’ll get started putting your top picks into production.

Thanks as always, fans! Power On!

  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Caps
  • Socks
  • Stickers
  • Travel Cases for Gadgets

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I love stickers! I want to have Anker Stickers!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can see you getting quite a few happy responses to this one @AnkerOfficial , though kinda surprised pens aren’t on the list as that’s normally the go to for most companies PR swag bags :wink:


Pens and mugs are always good, maybe even a decent mouse mat too. Love this @AnkerOfficial


We will also reward some Anker peripheral products to the participants who winning our peripheral design contest! The contest will coming soon, so stay tunned!:grin:


If you guys have any other product ideas, feel free to join the comment!:grin:


Tote bags?

This should be a type which can be used often.
So it must be some kind of durable.
BUT as Anker knows very well to produce durable items,
there should be nor problem. :grin:

What about bagpacks?

I am using one I got from G**GLE.
It is manufactured by P*TAGONIA.
Good quality.
I have these now for many years.

Our logo “ANKER” embroidered, what a nice kind of advertising!

This is a simple bagpack I got from a brewery (where else :joy:)
You all see how perfect the advertising is.


@AnkerOfficial I sure do wish the fast track would be open to lower levels as well. Just as long as one is active daily on the forums. I love Anker just as much as a Level 7 or above. Just sayin’, it would be nice to sport an Anker Tee or have my daily coffee in an Anker Mug. :sob:


I am all for tshirts… But we need larger than normal sizes to fit me… I wear a 5xl, meaning it’s a big and long shirt. I would also love a backpack or carry bag of sort to hold all my Anker gear. Socks are nice but are generally hidden so that’s bit effective. Coffee mugs and travel mugs would be great, along with maybe a nice fountain or ball point pen.


T-shirts : different sizes. may be too difficult to distribute.


I’m all for t shirts! I have a bit of a t shirt obsession.

Just don’t make them in Chinese sizes Anker as I’d struggle to get a arm in them! :joy:


You see, sizes! :joy:


I had a 3xl t shirt from Anker before and it just fit me. And I’m about a 42 chest. They definitely don’t do the same sizes lol

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I’d love a t-shirt, but agree sizing may be an issue!

Mugs, travel or desk, would be awesome too.

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I would love an Anker coffee mug! :coffee:
The travel case for gadgets would be awesome, too!


Tshirts are awesome. Straight black or anker blue with plain Anker on Front in white. Back should have white hash tag #UseAnkerInstead

Separated Letter Style Rub on stickers would be nice, for like corner of back car window etc.


I voted for caps. They are “one-size-fit-all”. And I always wear a cap: in summertime gives me sun protection, in rain keeps my head - and my glasses - dry, in winter keeps my head warm …


Maybe there should be benchmark rewards at certain levels with starting with the first one being stickers or pens, and when you get to executive member and/or VIP level you would get something big.


@AnkerOfficial there will always be issues with t shirt sizes and fit because of which it will eventually become a night time sleeping t-shirt (if loose) or will get passed along.

Good quality coffee mugs for desk, travel mugs are good options. Also monogrammed backpack, gym duffel bag are some options. No waterbottles please.