Indoorcam 2k & Nest Home Max

Hi all,

I see there is a thread already for this issue but the camera was for the 2c where as mine is for the Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

Anyway same issue here, I can not see the camera at all, it shows on Google Home iOS no problem and I get I can’t stream so no issue

It shows as a device on the Nest

but when I click it I get this

followed by this

I have unlinked it a few times to no avail

I have no issues using this cam on HomeKit

If this is the same then feel free to merge topics.


Seems like they are working on a fix per their response. However I don’t see this being fixed any time soon

I was able to make mine work by creating a routine on Google assistant. Type the phrase you want to trigger the action and on the action box create “show (camera name) on (device name)”

I get the same result, I can only ever see it if I remove the cam from HomeKit which I do not want to do.

Seems like they just never work together.