Get Ready For Prime Day!

Hey Anker Fans!

It’s that time of year again (sort of).

Prime Day may be arriving later than usual, but that won’t stop us from giving you the best deals we can muster up.

Starting October 13th, we’ll be having up to 40% off a huge range of our best selling chargers, docks, hubs, power strips, and all of the other amazing Anker goodies that you’ve come to know and love.

Now, we didn’t come here just to tell you that, we also came to give you a sneak preview of what we’ll have in store for you.

So if you want to get yourself in the Prime Day mood, just click this link:

Power On!


Awesome! I’m looking forward to these deals

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That’s great for our USA brethren.

So what about other than USA?

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We will have deals for people in other countries as well. :relaxed: Other countries’ links will be shared on community later on.



Welcome back from your hard earned break although I spotted some sneaky checking in…


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Hahaha thanks! Special thanks for the meme :joy::joy::joy:!


I think my wallet is going to be hurting after Prime Day lol Bring on the deals!


My wallet is always in pain, too, after Prime Day!


Thank you for the official post for Prime Day @AnkerOfficial

These deals are only for Anker, Are there similar deals for Soundcore, Nebula, Eufy products?

Welcome back @AnkerOfficial Pei :pray:

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Looking forward to the deals. I need to pick up a few things for friends and family.

Some nice deals there. Nothing I really need at all so my wallet will be happy :joy:


Yes, glad to hear you are back @AnkerOfficial hope you had a good break. Looking forward to the deals outside of the USA as well,


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I know what I want.

Even though a part of me knows that what is now 18W will be likely 22W shortly for same cost. Progress.


These are welcoming deals!

Sorry if this is off topic, but how do I change my password on this forum?

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Simplest is logoff then hit forgot password at login


Or as Neil says profile

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@Brint you need to go to your profile here

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Neat can’t wait!

Thank you @AnkerOfficial for the headsup :+1:

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