Fan Swag | Create Your Own Slogan

Hey Anker Fans!

The results of our fan swag poll are in, and now we know that all community members who are level 7 and above will be getting their hands on a sports bottle!

But we can’t just be giving out any old sports bottle now, can we? So in order to spice things up a little bit, and to create a sports bottle that truly stands out among sporty bottles, we’re going to need your help once more.

We need you to come up with a line, or a few words, that can express what the community means to you. The shorter the better. Then we’ll choose our favorite line and print it on the sports bottle so all of our level 7 and above members can represent the community while enjoying a refreshing drink! Not only that, but the top 5 suggestions will also be rewarded with PowerBucks.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the comments now and start writing, and maybe your idea could be immortalized on this year’s fan swag.

Power On!

Top 5 suggestions:
First: 250 PowerBucks + 250 points
Second: 200 PowerBuck + 200 points
Third: 150 PowerBucks + 150 points
Fourth: 100 PowerBucks + 100 points
Fifth: 50 PowerBucks + 50 points


  1. The lines must be your own original and unpublished work. By entering the competition, you affirm that your submission is your own work.
  2. Your work will be judged by us on originality, overall impact, and artistic brand merit.
  3. We will choose 1 contestant’s line and apply it to the final version of the sports bottle.
  4. The event ends on June 30th, 2020.
  5. Winners will be announced on July 4th in the community.
  6. By submitting your work, you grant permission for your work to be used by Anker. We reserve the right to make changes.
  7. The creator of the winning line will receive credit on the sports bottle and public recognition on the Anker Community.
  8. Anker reserves the right to final explanation.

Winner announcement:

First: @ndalby
"Power your life, fuel your mind"

Second: @paulstevenewing
“Anker - refreshingly reliable”

Third: @TheDude
“Anker Community
Better Together”

Fourth: @professor
"I have the Power! "

Fifth: @ElmerFudd01
“Anker Fans Assemble”


Come here, like it and stay!


I have the Power!


We are much more than a community, we are a family


Sounds like a fun contest! I remember some similar ones on the soundcore forum!

You might want to put a maximum amount of entries per user… so things don’t get out of hand :joy:.

Nooooo, come on @AnkerOfficial please do NOT make it a sports bottle…well if you do, please make it the collapsible one like how Soundcore did with theirs


Water bottle, cool :+1:t2:

Here’s a few ideas to throw in the mix!

Drink/fluid related,
Anker - delivering power, delivering refreshments
Anker - refreshingly reliable
Anker - refreshed and charged
Anker - we won’t weigh you down (Anker/Anchor play on words)

Anker - share, chat, learn
Anker Group, more of a family
Anker - portable, powerful, professional

I’ll add more as my brain sparks :rofl:


I agree that I would prefer it not be a sports bottle (probably my last pick tbh).

I disagree about it being collapsible. I don’t use my soundcore bottle because It’s so flimsy, I’m afraid it would break. I would use a double walled steel bottle every day at work (for the electrolyte drink).


So, @AnkerOfficial no limit on entries?

Here is my few attempts:

Take Charge

Power on



Thanks for the swag and the opportunity to choose what we like on the swag.


A couple of less corporate suggestions:

  • Earn Points Collect Swag
  • Power Sharing

Ever used a collapsible bottle, I think I like the idea of it.
I generally use semi rigid insulated bottles.

Yay a sports bottle :+1: Will come in handy at the moment…

One that sprung to mind for a slogan…

Power your life, fuel your mind…


My soundcore bottle (specifically that weird cap design) lasted less than a month before a little piece of plastic just sheared off and now the lid doesn’t stay on. The body of it is fine still, but useless since a flexible bottle just flops without a sealed lid. Not a fan.

I have dropped mine numerous times at work, once from almost 16 feet high and my top never broke. I remember you saying you had that problem, but between the 3 I have and gave away they are all still working great.

My Slogan…

Anker Power for you

Anker ON - Power ON

Keep Calm, Use Anker

Anker-Up your devices

Anker-On your devices

Think Power, Think Anker :bulb: :zap:

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Just a tip for everyone. It says In the main post that shorter is better. There are some great suggestions here, but you might want to think of ways to minimalise (not a word, I know) your phrases :slightly_smiling_face:.

I know you liked my slogans :wink:

Recharge your thirst


Contribute, Explore, Anker. :zap:

Yay! Really hope it’s a metal bottle!
Here’s my idea so far:

Stronger Together

Empowering the future