Eufycam watermark

Your frustration is definitely warranted, but I assure you that Anker truly does appreciate and care about customer feedback.

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They want use to share videos from our security cams. Maybe I will just select the left top corner… I shall do that and cut it out and place It on YouTube on max resolution. For the world to see to see what type of company they have become.

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:laughing: … great idea!

Select the top left corner and loop the video for hours.

Share us a link here then and … wait wait! … if you get millions and millions of clicks for the eufycam watermark-gate video and you will get payed a fortune from google, i bet eufy/anker will claim commission! :rofl:

Buggy as well. I’ve had no events triggered inside for over a week. Within four minutes of the firmware update and the thing starts going crazy. 24 events in under 2h. Recoding of an empty hall way.

Just raised a support request complaining about the watermark and buggy software.

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Ouch a watermark, the hits seem to keep on coming. Nothing against the option of branding but I do think it should be that at this late stage in the release, an option…

Plan to dust off and install my cameras this weekend (weather and life has been in the way) before the summer hols…so I guess I will get to see the watermark in all its glory :confounded:

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… faster and faster, numerous and numerous. :see_no_evil:
Costs a lot of reputation, which hardl needs to be gained back then!

No problem at all with an O P T I O N (!)
Everyone who is fanboy can keep the watermark and maybe can even scale it bigger or place it right in the middle of the video with like no transparency … welcome … but everyone who wanna SEE and NEED TO SEE as much pixels as possible at a SECURITY VIDEO (which can be evidence) should be able to disable it completely! This is without alternative!

It has a reason why i have added to the +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++ a point:


But it is not only about the timestamp time format and date format … there is also no reason at all and a maximum waste of pixels to write out the month(!) or use a shortcut for it!

I do’t kknow what wrong with the guy who implemented or programmed this. But where is the sense of wadting pixels to show Jul ??? (2019 Jul 20)

The only senseful and perfectly adequate way would be:
YYYY MM DD (for the americans) which means 2019 07 20
DD.MM.YYYY (for the rest of the world) which means 20.07.2019

I am requesting this change and improvement of the timestamp since ober 7-8 months now, nothing happened … only the outline of the timestamp came (to finally be able to see white timestamp on white background) and the possibility to finally switch from 12 to 24h format. Why hasn’t my improvement done right away with this changes? They could implement it as option so every single customer can build and design his favorite timestamp!

So as you can see, the watermark-gate is not only the only waste of pixels and clearity of the security video footage, there is also a lot of potential in the timestamp!

I agree, but disagree.
Agree that eufy is like any other company and interested to promote its brand in any possible way. Watermark is one way to do that.
But I disagree that, there is no option for the user who paid full and expensive amount to own the piece of equipment has no option to disable it. This is not ethical and legal in professional world.

And on top of that I see that users are frustrated to know eufy is wasting their valuable time to work on these non value added features despite they are long due on much more important and critical issues raised by users, yes they are critical from a security camera point of view.

@AnkerOfficial and other mods, please take it to their attention with a sense of urgency.


Word! :clap:


They need to make this optional. Utterly ridiculous.


Of course they need to. But they could have prevent dropping a brick again and trigger a shitstorm by THINKING about and before releasing something to the public and uploading (forcing) such a bad joke to thousands of “in-serious-use” cams!

I hope the employee “who did that crime” (der das verbrochen hat - don’t know how to translate correctly into english) will get canceled one day of his vacation as punishment. :smiling_imp:

They should have a beta program…or an early build version for changes like this. So they can ask the community about their opinions.

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Mark me down as not a fan of the watermark. It should be optional, anything that reduces viewable video is not a good idea. I do not like it at all. Please make it removable.

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Let’s vote

  • Keep watermark
  • Remove watermark
  • Optional watermark

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Personally I’d say remove it for now as it can be done straight away & then make it optional when updating the app & cam for a useful feature

Good idea :clap: … I could have thought of a poll myself.

Should have could have would have didn’t😉

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yeah … blame me bro … blame me! :laughing:

Sharing is dangerous.

Husbands, wives, bank accounts… and videos.

Still no official reply… This saddens me.


Unlikely to be one at the weekend
Maybe tomorrow, think all of the Anker staff are China based so will be back at work in about 3 hours