Eufycam 2c Homekit - How to enable?

Try going in to the HomeBase settings from the screen that shows the cameras. The little cog to the right of your HomeBase and then to HomeKit Setup. This did say HomeKit Beta prior to Support pushing the update to me.

On the home base cog I have only

  • Name
  • Connection
  • time Settings
  • Video Storage
  • Alarm volume
  • device information


Perhaps it’s only showing because Support activated something their end.

Yes the HomeKit setup is missing :wink: ok may it comes the next few days I think on public holidays there have free :wink:
Thx for your support
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

…and a merry Christmas to you too!!!

By the way, it’s worth the wait because the integration is brilliant.

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Merry Christmas everyone this morning I woke up to a nice new firmware pushed to my base and cameras enabling HomeKIt :grinning: But I want Geofencing as well am I missing something?

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I discovered with my 2c kit (beta + latest firmware) following issue: I got much more motion detections (even faults) from HomeKit than from the eufyapp. Even when I get detection from HomeKit the eufyapp do not record a video.
Anyone the same issue? Probably the detectionzones and other adjustments do not work for the HomeKit?
Thanks Martin

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Yes, i got the same problems with Homekit usage. Now i only use the eufy app, waiting for resolve the general problems with homekit integration


In the meanwhile I disabled the HomeKit notifications from the camera, restarted my iPhone and enable it again. Now it seems the work…

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Which version FW do you guys have?
I got on base and 1.5.6 on 2C camera, but no HomeKit setting choice.


Got the same FW on Homebase and Cams, but with Homekit Option

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strange, will see what support comes back.

A new update was available for the HomeBase 2 today…


I had to perform the same steps mentioned earlier to get HomeKit working. Support was super fast to respond and they pushed new firmware that enabled HomeKit setup. All connected fine and I can view cameras via the Home app.

However, I am also seeing a similar issue with regards to too many (sometimes false) Home app notifications. It looks like the Home app does not utilize the motion activity zones I have setup in the Eufy app. It just sends a notification for any movement at all. For now I am turning off notifications in the Home app and using Eufy as it seem to work best based on my settings.

FYI, I asked support about the HomeKit Secure Video feature and the response was “As to the Home kit Secure Video feature, if everything goes well, it will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2020”. Hopefully when this is rolled out we will have better integration around motion activity zones/sensors and thus HomeKit notifications will be more in line with the Eufy app.

New iOS update 1.6.3 - Looks like the camera batteries will take a hit when using HomeKit.

Great info, I was getting worried. Bought the Eufy2 this week and the HomeKit doesn’t give me notification at all AND somehow there is no connection to store at the iCloud. I now understand from you I have to be patient !!!

So, I got HomeKit working very early on in the beta and it works great!

The thing I am not seeing is the ability to see the video time line / recorded videos as discussed in this Apple / Secure Video / Review and share - setup article:

• Do eufy Cam 2 videos DO NOT store on iCloud?
• Will the eufy doorbell support HomeKit soon?

Thanks! Macsterguy

• Do eufy Cam 2 videos DO NOT store on iCloud?

This feature is to be introduced later in the year

• Will the eufy doorbell support HomeKit soon?

Apparently not.

The support team said it will be available end of Q1

I see it will come at the end of Q1 … BUT … does the Homekit give you notifications from the cam ???