Eufy security homebase - multiple users

How can I share control of my eufy security homebase with my wife. I don’t want to just share cameras, she needs full control from her app, but it logs me out when I log hers in.


Sounds like a standard security feature to prevent conflicts and possible unauthorized access when / if you are not on a specific device.

As the EufyCam’s and homebase products are relatively new with not many in the community having experience with them, you would be best emailing for a faster support response.


Sent. Will post if I get a response.


Please do, I’m planning to purchase and need to know if this is possible.

Response from support:

“For your information, you can share the camera with your wife with the Family & Guest function on your APP. Then your wife can access the cameras via the app, but your wife needs to use another email address. As for the guest right issue, we have forwarded this issue to our product manager. Our engineers are working on it.”

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Do guests/family members receive notifications? I’ve invited my wife and she’s accepted and can see the cameras but is unable to get notifications. All are turned on for her iPhone.

Any update on this? I love the product, but would like my wife and son to have access to notifications. I keep getting booted every time they login.

They need a different email address so you don’t get booted out when they log in.

Has this issue been resolved? I want to buy the eufy cam but this is a deal breaker for me since I would like my wife to also receive notifications.

I have access to another homebase in a friend’s house, runs via family and guest sharing, and I also get push messages when there is movement.

Yes, bases and cameras can be shared and also multiple phones can receive notifications. My wife (the primary account holder) was receiving notifications, but I was not even though she had shared with me (using the Family and Guests section on the app), UNTIL I checked my iPhone settings and turned on (allowed) Notifications from Eufy Security.

It does not appear that this is still possible. My wife and I are both admins but she does not have the ability to view recorded videos from her app. Please help. I work in product as well so if this is not a feature that is on your immediate roadmap please let me know so I can set my own expectations.

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I have the similar issue. I invited my wife with admin rights. She’s able to get notification and view the live videos as real-time monitoring. However she cannot view recorded videos from her phone after receiving notifications. Since she’s been granted full admin permission, it doesn’t make sense that she’s unable to view those recorded video clips.


I have exactly the same query. Please advice if this has been rectified.

I noticed my home screen on the app is different than my husband’s, after I invited him to be an admin. To see recorded footage he has to select “events” on the bottom. But for mine there is a little square with the number of new footage the camera captured that day next to each camera… and both of us still have the ability to see and delete footage.

This topic has 12k views! Clearly there is a lot of people interested in this feature… Would be great to have some reply from Anker.

I don’t know why they have this set up the way they do , if I log in with another device it kicks me off the device I was using then I have to log back in .
You should be able to log in on 2 or more different devices with the same account at the same time, I don’t have this issue with other camera apps.