Eufy doorbell wiring UK

There is no reason over 75% of the stuff Anker industries sells purely in China and USA, couldn’t be sold to other locations.

China even uses the global 220v at 50hz, and 3 pins.

So there is no reason the factory that makes other stuff for Europe couldn’t do so for Anker, it’s only Anker blocking it.

@TechMan you still need the power from the chime you just disconnect the solenoid

@MacBlank it uses low voltage, the same as any doorbell, standard for US is 16v, standard for UK is 8v

To clarify, I know i need to use existing wires for the doorbell, so that is fine

All i was asking how do i bypass this chime? Any idea? US version is connecting ‘FRONT’ to ‘TRANS’ where as i have 1, 2, 3 & 4 connection…

@AnkerSupport any suggestions?

To bypass chime move 3 to 4

I guess you have an external PSU?
Do you know the rating?

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Hello! @PJ77 Much appreciate for your interest in our doorbell series. The Doorbell is initially launched in the US at the current stage. We are aiming to launch the eufy Security Video Doorbell in UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the Netherlands in September. The video doorbell draws power from existing doorbell wiring. The voltage requirement is 16-24VAC, which is very common in most house doorbell wiring. To make installation and compatibility simple, the doorbell requires you bypass the existing doorbell chime. It’s as simple as connecting a jumper on the chime. The product comes with an electronic chime to notify people in the house. Thank you!

May want to review that statement before releasing to the UK, as I’ve previously said UK standard is 6v, 8v or occasionally 12v, you can read up about nest installation issues in the UK if you like as they had the same arrogant attitude, USA uses this so it’s the standard

Ring actually thought about it

Looks like Europe uses 12v, probably why you get the occasional 12v doorbell in the UK

nest actually recommends buying a doorbell chime that isn’t compatible, problem is no UK doorbell is compatible with this voltage spec

You have to get an external transformer and as 16v isn’t common here people will need to get a 24v version

As you state to bypass the solenoid in the chime anyway just tell people they need a transformer not a chime

What current rating does the doorbell require & what’s the actual maximum voltage not the working voltage of 16-24v? As transformers output higher voltage when off load / partial load, if the 24v transformer hasn’t got enough load then it can be up to 35v, you also have the other issue that if it’s too low a rating the transformer will overheat

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I have no wiring at all to my front door so would need to start from scratch.

The best would be to remove the front door totally.
So there is no more need for wiring and door bell. :rofl:

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In that case Oggyboy is living the dream!

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Not if it doesn’t come with the necessary bits and bobs required to power it from a 240v plug socket.

And I would recommend a new model of the Eufy series
( will be relaunched in december hopefully)

Has USB-C and “chasing away function” :

The roboGuard! :smiley:

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I don’t have a door bell either.

I do have a buzzer at the main door to the block, but nothing at my door. I could do with something tho, as … I’d catch someone if they tried to steal another parcel, stupidly left by Amazon, Plus a chime as not everyone can give a good knock on the door. (I’m told I have a police knock, that wakes the dead! Some older friends have complained, as they aren’t people who like police and often up to no good, so don’t like a coppers knock!)

For those without existing wiring it might be best to get something like this

HOLACA Power Adapter for Ring View Cam/Ring Video Doorbell/Ring Doorbell 2/Ring Doorbell Pro/Nest Hello 500ma Adapter and 20ft(6m) Wires AC Adopter Plug Outdoor Wall Outlet Plug-in

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerTechnician
Any response to this post yet?

Such one I got when living in a flat.
A simple knocker, no wires no apps! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Here in our house we have a doorbell, what a technical progress!


I love big knockers! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Must cost effective… and loud :ok_hand:t2::grin:

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Now that eufy doorbell is available in the UK. Can you confirm which transformer from amazon works with the door bell?

It’s only the battery version (which can be wired)
The battery version can use 8v to 24v
The wired version is only 16v to 24v

UK standard is 8v so no new transformer required, the battery version also supports the chime so no rewiring of the chime is required either

EU standard is 12v so a transformer isn’t required either

If / when you get one don’t worry about the battery getting low thinking it isn’t charging, they have designed it to only charge below 40% to prolong battery life

If you have a 20+ year old chime in the UK it might be 6v, if that’s the case then this is the kind of transformer you need

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Thank you for the quick reply. This is my current transformer wiring

I hope this is correct

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