Eufy doorbell wiring UK

I love big knockers! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Must cost effective… and loud :ok_hand:t2::grin:

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Now that eufy doorbell is available in the UK. Can you confirm which transformer from amazon works with the door bell?

It’s only the battery version (which can be wired)
The battery version can use 8v to 24v
The wired version is only 16v to 24v

UK standard is 8v so no new transformer required, the battery version also supports the chime so no rewiring of the chime is required either

EU standard is 12v so a transformer isn’t required either

If / when you get one don’t worry about the battery getting low thinking it isn’t charging, they have designed it to only charge below 40% to prolong battery life

If you have a 20+ year old chime in the UK it might be 6v, if that’s the case then this is the kind of transformer you need

Thank you for the quick reply. This is my current transformer wiring

I hope this is correct

Looks like it’s wired to 24v so will be fine

Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know if it goes below 40%