Enjoy Purposeful Cleaning with our All-New RoboVac G30 Series


Hey, eufy fans!

We are sure most of you have noticed that with everyone cooped up inside, the house is getting dirtier, quicker.

All of us here at eufy were scratching our heads trying to think of a way we can help. And then it struck us, let’s make a new RoboVac!

Our all-new eufy RoboVac G30 Series offers the perfect solution to your quaran-cleaning woes. With upgraded intelligence, dust destroying suction power, and convenient app control you can leave the cleaning to RoboVac and get back to watching Netflix.

Save $120 when you pick us the exclusive pre-order code for only $5!

Click the link below to get the $120 code!


eufy team


Great discount for those in the market for one :+1:t2:


I should say… very smart marketing :wink:

Pay $5 for a pre-order discount ?.. so it is $115 discount, but again a very good one!

Nice to see the G30 series being planned for launch, the eufyhome app had the model listed sometime recently.

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Awesome pre order discount

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Good deal but I can’t afford one, @AnkerOfficial you can always send me one to test out :wink:

Great offer! Was a little confused earlier but makes bit more sense now. $115 discount overall isn’t bad at all.

Only since last July…

G35 was renamed G30 Edge.

Still waiting on L80…

I want a cheaper version :joy:

I agree, this would have been a much easier recommendation at $190.

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Yes but there are other robovacs in the line up which are more expensive than $190 lol. $350 normal price puts it between G10 Hybrid and L70 Hybrid

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This one is coming too :wink:


When? Its initial announcement was May.

If they announced jt on May then I’d guess they will release it towards the end of the year (I’m being very optimistic here lol)

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Just to clarify, it was announced at CES in January, and the released was initially scheduled for May.

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Oh I didn’t know they had set a release date.
How weird that they are not meeting their release schedules lol

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Is this deal comes to germany too?

We will have a deal for Germany too in coming month, but may be different with this one. :relaxed:


Alright. Looking forward to this :blush:

I won one of these from Anker a while back and I absolute love it!! We run it in the basement once a week and we’re always amazed at what it picks up. Make sure you empty it after each use.


There’s no such thing as a “pre-order”. You either ordered it or you didn’t. This is a paid reservation. Instead of being a 0% loan, like most paid reservations, this one provides a $115 discount from the purchase price when the device is available.