Does the eufy 2 homebase create a separate network for the cameras?

I have (and need) multiple AP’s to cover my home. It’s fairly large, lots of walls, lots of neighbors. Does the eufy 2 homebase create another network for the cameras, or do the cameras simply connect to my existing wifi network?

Asked another way, if I hard wire the homebase to my network and bury it in the basement with sheets of metal around it, will cameras still work as long as they can reach one of my AP’s? I can blanket my property with strong APs but am afraid a single homebase won’t cover my needs if a direct connection is needed.

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To answer the question in the title of your post, yes. The cameras (and any other peripherals you add like door sensors) communicate with the HomeBase over a proprietary low-power wireless signal. Many users have encountered range-related issues trying to place cameras. (See, for example, We need a range extender for the cameras to the homebase)

If you have a large home, you may require multiple HomeBases to achieve the required coverage. The range and coverage is supposed to be improved with the HomeBase 2 vs original HomeBase. I believe the eufyCam 2 has a repeating function that can help as well, but I have no direct experience, so maybe others can chime in.

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For the eufycam 2 set up, please reach out to, we will have our engineer to answer the email and solved the issue case by case for you.

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Please ansvar the questions here. Don’t waist our and your time.
Can you connect more than one HomeBase to your network?
Can you connect HomeBases together ?
Will you have problems where camera’s/sensors are on separate networks and can’t work together?
if you have 3 HomeBases and 10 cameras/sensors will you need to change “network” or anything in the app to use all of them seamlessly?