Celebrating the Community’s 3rd Birthday | Gifts Inside!

Happy anniversary Anker Forums!

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Happy anniversary community! I’ve loved being a part of this since day one. :grin:

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@Chiquinho long live your funny and interesting stories my friend!

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Anker community has been the best place, learnt so many things, created social media accounts (which I was so against initially) , more information!!



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Thank you @AnkerOfficial and all the people who help run things that dont ever get credit for what they do behind scenes. Shout out to all of you as y’all are the real MVP’s.

Congrats on our 3rd year anniversary and here’s to many more.

Me and my wife celebrated our 7 year anniversary, so she’s with me for the long haul along with Anker


Congrats! Lets hit up 3 more together!

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3 years already?

Not necessarily my favorite moment, but certainly my most memorable (and of my own doing :shushing_face:) was when I posted a REALLY big “Happy Chinese New Year!” reply here on The NATIONAL DAY OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA 2018. :woman_facepalming:

Now, some of you might not think that’s such a big deal, BUT, considering I have a PhD in International Relations, well… there ya have it! As to be expected, I promptly updated my posting.

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Awesome giveaways!!

Wow, i am really going to have to put some thought into my favorite community time. There have been a bunch with these fellows that I remember well.

My favorite memory is probably when I submitted an absolutely horrible attempt for the t-shirt design contest that I made on MS paint. It was actually the first comment I ever made in the community. Again, this was a horrible 10 minute attempt. To my surprise, I received a lot of positive and constructive feedback. @TheCharneco even recreated my idea and sent it to me so that I could submit it myself(this may have been after some encouragement from the community :joy:). I ended up getting enough likes that I received the winning shirt design. Of course, getting the free shirt was awesome but the whole experience really showed me how great the Anker community could be and is probably the main reason I continue to be an active member today.


But @Shenoy I thought you didn’t like free stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @AnkerOfficial Please donate all his winnings to Toys for Tots :rofl:

That’s a great idea @Seth_Tutera

Why not donate the redundant items we already have … unless it is a Nebula Projector… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any thoughts @AnkerOfficial

Oh yeah I’m waiting for this one. Don’t let me down @Chiquinho!

Anker @ Target Good News Now for those who love shopping @ Target

3 years already? Here’s to many more!

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Those are always good news

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Grats Anker community

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I do enjoy how the company interacts with the community. I think that is why I enjoy the community as well

Ugh, the company almost never interacts anymore.

Now on soundcore, that’s different :grin:

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