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When I was a kid, my family took a family vacation to Charleston. While there, we came across a roundabout. Now these aren’t in the majority of the US, but you do see them sometimes. My dad decided to take this opportunity to reenact that scene from European vacation, where they drive around the roundabout for hours. Of course he only drove around it a couple times, shouting “hey kids, look! It’s Big Ben!”. It was a time that I still remember often to this day. We had a ton of fun on that trip, and I’m really glad my dad took the time off work to make it happen.


After listening to your story, I think dashcam duo is really suitable for your family to record your memories.:innocent:


I wouldn’t mind it either :grin:


I think your father will be proud of you forever. One day, you will see him again.:hugging:


You were really naughty!:joy: Fortunately, you didn’t have a serious burn.


The roads of London downtown are narrow and crowded, and your driving skills are really great.:smile:


That’s true, it is tough for new drivers, mostly from US to drive down streets of London …


I remember it so much when my father bought a brand new Mercedes Benz 190E Cabriolet in 1990 and he picked it up at the dealership the day before Father’s Day and we drove all day on Father’s Day in 1990 with beautiful weather and bright sunshine and in between stopped and eaten ice cream. That was a long time ago but it is a very nice memory


Nice GIF, @AnkerTechnical!

My favorite memory with my dad is when we went storm chasing in 2016 on the first day with a “High Risk” for severe weather in Kansas in over five years! We eventually ran into a tornado warning without even knowing it, but unfortunately didn’t end up seeing anything. Still drove through tons of heavy rain :umbrella:, and it was undoubtedly an experience I’ll never forget!

If I recall correctly, that’s the day I was born! :birthday:


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Thanks, but there’s no need to :grin:


Happy birthday! I guess this is the big 18! Have fun! (I guess it’s not quite your birthday in Kansas yet :confused:)


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Happy Birthday @Insider :birthday: :tada:


Of course there is a need.
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Congrats to all the winners and I hope everyone has a fantastic fathers day and thank you @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical!


Congrats to the chosen winners & for sharing their memories :thumbsup:


Seventeen this time. Think I said I was almost 17 previously.

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