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Thank you @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial x


Congratulations to all the winners!!


Congrats to the winners!

@insider I must have misunderstood


Oh wow, thank you @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

And big congrats to all of the other winners!!


Wow! Thanks, @AnkerOfficial!

Congrats to all of the other winners, nice to see some familiar faces :slight_smile: I also enjoyed all the other stories. I hope my daughter can have fond memories of our time in the car too!

Happy Birthday, @Insider ! Any big Birthday Plans?!


I’m curious. So they’re were 18 prizes. They’re weren’t many more entries than that. What were the odds of losing? :joy:


I’m actually in DC for National History Day! Just competed and it went well.


Zero. Even those who didn’t win didn’t lose.


Okay then :joy:. What are the odds of not winning :joy:


Work it out fella if it matters that much to you :sleeping:


Thanks @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial
And congrats everyone else


When I was in high school, my dad had bought a brand new 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora, and in 1995, this car was from the future! It was powered by a 4.0L V8, and was very snappy for a car of this era. In fact, the engine would find its way into the Indy Racing League cars for 1996. Anyways, while on a father/son trip to visit relatives in Chicago, we decided to take some back roads through Wisconsin to get there. While cresting over a hill, we could see the road ahead for what felt like miles and not a car to be seen. Dad gave me a look and a grin and punched it. Before long, we were moving faster than I’d ever been in a car before and that number wasn’t broken again until I got a ride in a Porsche GT2 on a race track just a few years ago.

It was such a rush and I’m sure mom would have killed him if she had found out, but it was so much fun!


Great story! But sadly this event ended, and the winners were selected today.

I’m curious as to how fast you were going with your dad?


Congratz guys!! <3


Congrats to @Insider on your birthday. I hope you had a good one and best wishes to you!!


Well since I have time I’ll congratulate all the winners
For first prize congrats to:
@xiixcg, @ARTHUR_BRIAN_MOTT, @Tank


Congrats to 2nd prize winners
@Fuu_bar, @star100x, @Quinn_Armstrong, @Oggyboy, @gstonge


And finally to 3rd prize winners
@Duane_Lester, @Bryson_Cleveland1, @stevebrantleydesigns, @JLS1967, @Timothy_Davidson, @Ellen_Stafford, @Monk3e


And finally to 3rd prize winners cont.
@Insider, @eistee888, @Curtis_Lu1
Enjoy your new Roav items


Looks like almost all (almost…) participants were winners :thumbsup: