Bolder LC30 and Old Style LC40 Technical Help

Hey torch fans - for our friends over the pond a torch is an English flashlight :wink:

Ive got an itchy trigger finger and what to fire on getting an LC30 or a twin pack of the LC40 - old style.

Both of these are compatible with rechargeable 18650 batteries.

My question is do these torches have charging inputs or will the batteries need charging externally?

The first to reply with the correct answer, and a photo of the charging input gets a gold star!

Thanks in advance.

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Gold star?
Could it be a banana? :rofl:

Hmmmm, not sure Charlie would agree :grimacing:

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Only one from your huge collection! :smiley:

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The old style LC40 certainly does not have a charging port, externally battery charge only :grin:

Also same goes for I believe the LC30…

Think I mentioned charging port addition somewhere in my LC40 upgrade review but it’s been a while :slight_smile:

Either would be a good one to have, depends on price vs need to have built-in charge…

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That’s true Neil.

Those torches are tiny and very handy.
With a charging port, those would be perfect.
Without definitely NOT!.

Thanks @ndalby
The charge port is required really as I don’t have a charger that can take 18650 lithium batteries.

Here’s your gold star!


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Personally I’d plump for the rechargeable LC40 model, the standard LC40 pair are decent to pickup on a sale to keep as a spares in different locations (I have one in my office drawer and near the electric/gas meter).

Hey guys.
Quick update, i ordered the LC30.
I have the new style rechargeable LC40 @ndalby, its a great value torch.
I had the LC90 for a while and gave it to dad.
I have absolutely no use for “another” torch, but it’ll be a good comparison test against the LC40.

I have this LC40!
Great, small and very handy.
I use this at the fleamarket and have to be very careful not to blind others.

At home I use this one:
Perfect in the pocket. (5cm lenght)

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These are interesting… i need some of these :smiley:

They are perfect.
I can recommend!
Don’t find the button to send you a pm for the link (epay :grinning:)

They are neat little torches :+1:t2:
Do i have space in my life for anymore torches? Yeah, who doesnt?

This is my smallest torch.

Think i found it.
Is it this Franz?

Link to

Found a better offer (pm)

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These are definitely flashlights- not torches :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Chiquinho would know what a real torch is :wink::joy:

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Hey @TechMan
With utmost love and respect, they ARE torches :rofl:
Hope you’ve had a good day :+1:t2:

You have your questions asked and answered. I have the old and the new style LC40. As you now know the old LC40 needs 18650 to be procured separately and charged separately, the new LC40 has a built-in battery and MicroB charging socket.

I am using the new style LC40, as I type, as a bedside lamp, on it’s end pointed to ceiling, and I recharge it through the day off my 10-port Powerport.

I still kept and use the old style LC40, because they are a tube, it’s widest point is narrower, I use them for emergency flashlights, I keep one at bottom of stairs on a hook and another in my travel bag. They work perfectly fine but obviously a bit more effort to recharge. I had bought the 18650 and the charger already before the new LC40 came out. If I were investing now I’d just buy the newer LC40 for simplicity reasons.

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