Black friday 2019

So, I noticed this buried in the Target Black Friday Ad today:


Everybody post your best deals here! Let’s stay up to date on where to get the best deals on our favorite brands! I can’t possible keep up with it all, so you guys help me out by posting all Black Friday steals here! Thanks!


Would you be surprised if I said great idea :joy:

As I mentioned on other forum il be looking for an electric toothbrush

Ha! You caught me. I thought it was worth it for both forums.

I’m also in for a legit 4k Monitor to pair with my imac. I had a regular HD monitor that just didn’t cut it.

Not everyone is on both forums, and it’s all good. Most thread are duplicated :tongue:

You having any issues with the forum tonight?

Both forums are running slow or with lag & errors…either a backend server problem (traffic, DoS) or updates I would think

I have been seeing this for past 2 days on both Anker and Soundcore… Thought it was my adblockers… but it is ok now Anker / Soundcore Communities…

I think the Net as a whole is compromised. Speculate to what end as you wish, I think we should all visit ye’ grand ol’ outside and frolic.

Great deal @gankster and yes, both the sites are too slow and no news from admins yet.

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Yeah it’s definitely a problem with the server. I was having trouble on a redundant 750 Mbps connection earlier today.

Thought it was just me having issues. Guess I’m not the only one

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Glad to see Anker made it into Target’s Black Friday ad!
Also glad that the forum seems to be back up now!

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Wonder if we will see any Anker stuff in Walmart or Best Buy Black Friday ads.

no any other offers for black friday?

Nothing yet, I did look into the early release deals from walmart, etc. Didn’t see anything.

I see better deals year long… so will really compare before I buy anything! Hopefully Anker / Soundcore will have a awesome black Friday deals :+1:t2:

Black Friday ain’t anything anymore ,you get better deals on cyber Monday and boxing day

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Wow This thread didn’t take off at all!