Battery Doorbell Support Questions

Overall, I’m really quite pleased with my new Battery Doorbell - generally, its operation is leaps and bounds above the ‘comparable’ Ring product which I returned

I do have some issues which I hope will be on the support groups attention list - these are intended as constructive feedback for development and not negative criticism - again, I really like this device.

The first one is there is quite a delay when communicating between phone and bell; following a posted note from another user, I changed the video compression factor in the app to ‘low’ and it greatly improved things, although there is still a delay - but with the ‘low’ setting the 2-way conversation is much easier to have. It helps when both parties are aware of the delay - but for non-family users at the bell, it can be frustrating if you don’t ‘allow’ for the delay.

2 - on the i-phone, there is no ability to customize the notification alert (there is on the Android App)

3 - Another on the i-phone: when an alert is received, answering the alert directly from the notification results in a blurry image with a spinning wheel that does not fully load; have to close and open live image from the app.

  1. Alert notifications to Alexa devices - the Echos give alert when the doorbell is presssed - however there is no alert for motion detection which would be desirable
  • also not sure if this is more of an Alexa trait, but I noticed that the alert seems to cycle sequentially through the various devices in my home, rather than all happening simultaneously (not putting that latter one down to Eufy, just thought I’d mention it as being weird)
  1. No 3-sec pre-buffer on the battery/homebase version

Thanks for continuing to look at these features!

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Apparently they are optimising the iPhone app so the video is smoother and less delayed for audio.

How have you found the battery so far? Mines only lasting about 5 days!

@david_ebanks - thanks - it was your tip on the compression that I used to improve the audio lag - much appreciated

I haven’t seen any issue with the battery so far - it’s been up for couple of weeks now and the battery indicator on the app still shows green (haven’t figured how to get more resolution on the battery state of health, but it’s definitely still green) - the LED is always on, too - I started to turn it off yesterday after your comment, but then thought, well, let’s just leave it for now & see exactly how long it does last. If motion does indeed turn it on though (& I haven’t tested that), it makes sense to turn off that full time light for a battery-only install that is not supported by permanent wiring.

I think you said your Echos were not announcing - did you get that resolved? Working here but with the caveat I mentioned about motion vs bell-push

Thank you :+1:.

My battery must defective I think…

It’s a shame you lose video quality by choosing the low option but it’s worth it until the software is fixed.

The LED does seem to be activated by motion so hopefully it’s not actually on all day as the settings seemed to suggest. They’re apparently changing this in the app.

No luck with the Echo’s announcing… I wonder if it’s anything to do with me being in the UK. I’ve deleted the skill and cameras in the Alexa app then started again but it didn’t work.

I wouldn’t have thought anything to do with UK @david_ebanks - it is all connecting on your local network (at least I think it is i.e. both devices are connected to your local network and don’t use external internet link to communicate?) I’m not 100% on that - intuitively you would expect it just to be on your local network, but it’s possible it uses same system as phone (which clearly does go via external net)

On that note however, it might also explain spotty performance when linking to my alexa show - as mentioned previously, the devices don’t announce for motion and there is no ability for 2-way correspondence using the show - only a live-view. It takes a while for the show to connect - while just testing, initially it said (twice in a row) sorry, having trouble connecting; then third time I got a green screen, could hear audio and eventually the video came up.
So the Alexa integration is certainly not stellar

What is interesting is that Eufy also has its own ‘Echo’ type device - the Genie - but it operates on Alexa, so doubt if that would be any different for you?

I also just checked again my Echos & Show alert off doorbell push and at least that is working on all the devices (three Echos and a Show)

Also not sure about these factors:
the Eufy Security skill in Alexa says it supports

  • EufyCam
  • EufyCam E
    and says compatible Alexa devices are
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Spot
  • Fire Tablets
  • FireTV
  • Fire Smart Tv

So the first part regarding Eufy devices - I don’t have additional cam devices, only the battery doorbell - so I think the relevant factor there is the (unstated) Homebase
On the Alexa devices, it does not mention ‘dot’ - the difference here may be that I DO have a Show device - so even though it does in fact announce (well, for doorbell push - NOT motion) for me on all the devices, nevertheless it may be requiring that Show (or one of the other devices listed) to be present?

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I have installed the Battery Doorbell and I have one issue.

When I receive notifications on my iPhone for Doorbell Ring I don’t see a thumbnail photo. I sometimes see a thumbnail notifications for motion detect but not always.

I have notification setting set to Full Effect. I have the latest firmware installed.

Any ideas?

Do you need separate Homebases to use the doorbell & security cameras? Ideally, I would like to have the doorbell in the front of my house, and a camera watching the back of my house, and I can’t tell if the doorbell uses the same Homebase as the EufyCams.

Hi Guys / ladies,
I have the Battery doorbell installed a few days ago, and most of it performs fine or as expected.
However my battery doesn’t seem to charge. I have connected the wires to the Original 8Volt doorbel transformer, then also a 16v Ac adapter and now even a 20v ac 750 ma adapter (directly, using just the wires).

In the app it shows that the Doorbell is connected using the plug icon. However after a days use I see the battery is dropping. Now even to 92%? What could be wrong? Or is this just an app issue? Should the doorbell stay at 100% while wired to an power source?
It charges perfectly on the USB. But the ofcourse I cannot use that as a powersoure.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry for that!

Please feel free to contact eufy support about this issue.

Hi Thanks for your suggestion. I have raised a ticket at eufy support. I will let you know what the feedback is.
best regards!

The Homebase 2 that comes with the doorbell can also be used for the cameras.

I have had contact with Eufy support on this matter. It seems the Eufy development team has created an intelligent algorithm that has to protect the battery life while hard wired to an AC power supply. So they confirmed that the battery should indeed partially drain. A very locigal response. So I will wait a little longer and time will tell. So this might be one of those issues that where never an issue at all. :wink: I have suggested that this might be a good thing to note in the manual.


Did you use the option to keep your existing chime?

I am wondering how it will power the eufy doorbell as there is no permanent voltage until you push the doorbell. Or am i missing something?

Hi Cranb2,
I did not use that option. But I might try that out later. In the manual it states the instruction that you have to by-pass the current chime in order to power the doorbell. How you can get the old chime to work while powering the doorbell and using the doorbell as initiator I don’t know yet. I believe there are some instructions for that.
I am in the assumption that you cannot power the doorbell AND use the old Chime. But If anyone knows differently, I would like to learn that as well.

To add to my previous reply. I have experienced that with 5 Iphones in the family There;s no more need for and extra or old Chimes…It rings on 5 places in my home already :wink:

Today I tested keeping the existing chime. It works fine! I think because it is battery powered it can disconnect briefly from the wired power and switch to a short circuit mode.

Thanks for testing this!

@Diederik1 Is the battery still be being charged if you connect your existing chime?

Yes, it is still being charged. So actually no changes made to the doorbell configuration. Before install I checked the wires if there was voltage. Ofcourse at the precise time of a ring at the doorbell I guess the Doorbell briefly stops charging and switches to a brief short circuit to ring the old chime. Then to return charging afterwards. I was quit surprised, but it works!

BTW: I have noticed that charging goes terribly slow on an 8v transformer widely used in Europe. So I do recommend a higher voltage. It seems to keep the battery around between 80 and 90% charge

I’m interested in the battery version doorbell but it is only sold with the homebase2 which i already have because of my cams. Is there any chance of buying just the doorbell?

Hi Schuppi. Good question. I Guess it will be available soon. I have asked a dealer in the Netherlands two weeks ago, and they informed me that a doorbell without the homebase will be available shortly.
But I have not seen them anywhere yet.