Battery Doorbell Support Questions

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Anyone have problems streaming video to an iPhone 6?

I get a message saying “your phone does not support high compression quality video coding format, please change the settings”. I have changed the settings to low quality and it still won’t play.


Is this ONLY to your iphone? Does it work normally with other devices?
How close is the Homebase to the bell - do you have good wireless connection between those devices? (note this is different wireless signal than your home wifi)
Note that for initial setup the homebase is connected to the router by ethernet cable - that possibly puts your homebase further from bell than might be ideal? you can switch to wireless connection on the homebase so you can move it closer to the bell to possibly get better connection there

The problem is only on my iphone6. My wife has an iPhone8 and it is working normally.

It is only the video playback that is the problem. I am getting all alerts and can even talk to someone at the doorbell, I just can’t see any video. Thumbnails are present on each alert.

Is the wireless battery doorbell not compatible with an iPhone6?

Hi Mo110,
It is known that older smartphone’s do not support the standard video compression used by Eufy. This also is the case for older Ipads like the IPad mini 4 and lower. My Daughter has an IPhone 6S and the video works fine. Your IPhone 6, might just be one gen too old. Does it run the latest IOS? However I recognize the fact that switching to low resolution does not make a diffference. Only in speed.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s now working. I turned off wifi on my phone to see if I could stream video via my mobile data network and it worked. After turning on wifi again I was able to stream in my home network.

Strange bug. Really happy with the doorbell though.

I just contacted Eufy support about this: to protect the battery…charging from the connected original doorbell wires does not start until the battery is below 90%. It then charges back to 100% and then stops until the battery is back down 90%.

Good that you also contacted support. It would safe a lot of time, when this is mentioned in the manual.
I have received a similar response.

When you hardwire the Battery Doorbell, do you get the 3 second buffer?
Or is this feature just completely missing on this device?

It makes sense to omit the buffer when running on batteries, but it should have the buffer when hardwired. I hope they thought of this and implemented it this way.

Per eufy support, this will be available soon (at one point, they said in 2Q of 2020, then more recently, they just said “soon”).

I am in the same boat. I just bought the eufyCam 2, and it comes with Homebase 2.

However, I am considering just buying one now. Having an extra Homebase 2 might be okay. This way, the eufyCams have their own 16GB storage while the Doorbell will have its own 16GB storage instead of sharing 16GB for both cam and doorbell.

Hi Onstar, The battery version of the doorbell does not support the 3 sec. buffer. Even if you wire it. Various test show there’s only a minor difference between the actual footage, since the reaction is quite ok. But you might want to change the recording settings to a more sensitive selection.

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I have everything set to high and my motion detection on human only with activity zone created and sensitivity on level 3. My battery doorbell camera is wired via 18v 500ma UK transformer adapter plug. It’s charging slowly but least its charging the battery. I also have the security on away mode.

I’ve noticed that with my battery doorbell set to Human detection that it will start recording when a car or courier pulls up on the road outside my house but the recording is only saved when the occupant walks into my activity zone (for example up to my front door). So this acts like a pre roll which is quite handy!

Like I say this only records if someone enters the activity zone - I don’t get the recording with cars just parking on the road. Bizarre but actually really useful in terms of acting like a pre roll but also not saving if unnecessary.

Ik have the same problem and i’m using en 18 volt adapter.
Charging is very very slow i try it alle but no positive results

I am using a 12V adapter and in my case charging is ok. It’s slow but i think that’s by design. Like previous answers stated it keeps the battery around the 90% level. So no problems here.

I use a Weiss 18 V / 35 VA adapter. The battery won’t charge. .altough I think. It drops from 61% (when I connected it) to 59%. When it’s on USB I see the charge indicator responding. I don’t see that when the adapter is connected. It didn’t respond to on the 8V doorbell wires. That’s why I bought the Weiss adapter.
Anyone knows whats the issue…? It has dropped now to 17% and still not charging. The Weiss must be gooed… i guess?


I am using the battery doorbell and I’m pretty happy with it. my question is, do we get any notification when the battery goes low? it is now at 6% and I have yet to receive any notifications or reminder to recharge the battery. I also observed that it no longer capture any thumbnail now, probably a battery saving feature?

your answers are just fluff/generic bs answers. none of the supplied answers work. Give us the real answer that the battery is dead and is no longer able to charge and your screwed cause the batteries cant be replaced. What a joke of a company.

On the UK Echo Dot front, I have my battery doorbell set to announce when someone rings the bell and that works fine. Although attempts to get it to display the live feed on my LG BX TV with Alexa ends up with the screen getting stuck on “loading…”

I have the battery doorbell , wired connect, and homebase2.
I want to see constantly Live View on an Samsung-Tablet, but after ca. 3 minutes I get a popup report about the high battery-use and ca 15 seconds later the live view stops.
Is it possible that this popup does not appear ?

Frank van Opstal