Anker ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard wont pair

So I got it to pair with my phone and tablet. Now I am trying to pair it with my windows 10 pc. However it failed when ever it prompted for the pass code. Now when I do it again its asking me to enter in a passcode. But every time I enter 0000+enter on both keyboards, it acts like its going to connect but then it says “Check the pin and try reconnecting.” what the heck is going on. I just want to use the dang keyboard and now I cant even connect it.

Update your bluetooth drivers on your Windows 10 pc, go to the manufacturers website of the bluetooth chip and do not rely on windows to update the driver. That has worked the best for many people who have issues using bluetooth in windows

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Agreed - Windows drivers are a total hit or miss, and you can find the bluetooth chip by googling your particular model or by using the dxdiag tool in the start menu.

@Rainel_Star The pin code issue will occur when you use the Bluetooth in windows. As for the pair issue, could you please try the following steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”,
  2. Choose to click on “Devices and printers”.
  3. Click on “Add a device” and it will search all devices.
  4. Click on “Anker A7726”(Or A7721) and a window will pop up to prompt you to enter a passcode.
  5. Click on the sentence below “Or, try entering a passcode” for the system to generate a passcode which you will need to enter on the keyboard and press enter.
  6. The system should then start to do the setup and you need to wait for the system set up to be completed.

If no avail, please feel free to reach out to us via and we will gladly assist you to the best of our ability.

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while pairing my laptop with the keyboard the pin came up on the screen but didn’t stay on screen long enough for me to write it down.
Now I can’t get.the pin to come back on the screen.
I turned off the keyboard and back on again but the pin will not appear again.
How can I get a pin?

You should never need to enter a pin, bluetooth has evolved enough where as one is not needed. If and when it ask for a pin, you should update your bluetooth driver…best bet is to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the updated driver for your specific bluetooth card, so not rely on windows update to give you the latest driver. Once you update it, you shouldn’t need a pin.

As with anything bluetooth requiring a pin, its generally 1234 or 0000

Hi. I have an anker bluetooth keyboard and the first time I paired it without a problem. Now it is wanting a pin. I’ve tried 0000 and 1234. .Neither worked. I’ve also tried adding a device using a generated passcode to no avail. I just need my keyboard to work again. Please help. It worked fine before so I’m assuming it’s not the

This took me a long time to solve, since none of the official “How To Guides” or “User Created Guides” worked for me at all.
This was also perplexing because it works fine with Android but has issues with Windows 10; although several times it has worked with Windows 10, after several system (but not driver) updates it stopped working altogether.

If no other guides are working, you can try this:

  1. Go to “Control Panel” (Click Start and start typing “Control Panel” with the virtual keyboard)
  2. Go to “Devices and Printers”
  3. Go to “Add Device”
  4. Make sure the Bluetooth Keyboard is OFF (after trying with it on before and failing)
  5. Select the Keyboard if it’s still in the listings
  6. It will ask you for a pin, but under that it will ask to generate a PIN in small text
  7. Click on the PIN generation request
  8. It will generate a 6 digit PIN
  9. Immediate turn ON your keyboard and press Fn+Z (or whatever the Bluetooth-Sync is for your model; for some it is automatic)
  10. Immediately type in the PIN and press ENTER

It should sync

A. 6 digit PIN instead of 4
B. Going to “Add Bluetooth Device”/“Add Bluetooth or Other Device” under Windows 10 Settings didn’t work
C. Going back and forth typing PINS in between the Keyboard and the Input Prompt didn’t work, regardless of order
D. Asking for it to generate a PIN when the keyboard is on just prompts an error

So this guide is for those in which the above might be the issue.

Model: A7726 Anker Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

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Just wanted to leave a note that some devices actually require a 6 digit PIN including some Anker Bluetooth Keyboards like the A7726 model.
4 digit PINS for those models will not work.

Thanks for this. I was looking for this answer. Most of it worked for me but here the sequence that ultimately fixed it for me.

  1. Go to “Control Panel” (Click Start and start typing “Control Panel” with the virtual keyboard)
  2. Go to “Devices and Printers”
  3. Go to “Add Device”
  4. Select the Keyboard if it’s still in the listings
  5. This will prompts a page with a blank box and a single line text under the box
  6. Click the text under the box
  7. This will generate the page with the PIN to enter on the Anker Keyboard
  8. Turn the Bluetooth on with FN+Z
  9. Enter the PIN on the Anker Keyboard and press Enter

None of this is working for me, it won’t pair I’m over it! I’ve had it for about a month and keep having pairing issues.


I’m throwing my Anker in the trash. I have spent 5 hours messing with it already trying to pair it. Why doesnt Anker supply a damn pin? Stupid product and support.

Finally!!! Thank you! I just wasted 2 hours looking through various solutions.
You basically have to use the “OLD” control panel which has that passcode and lets you type it in the keyboard you want to connect. Now I remember why I hate windows so much compared to osx

I tried all of these suggestions. Even generate three NEW Pins and NONE of it worked.

THis is terrible

Follow this suggestion it work 100%.