Anker Soundcore Liberty Air left earbud not connecting

If it’s not showing any light, check the contact points on the earbud…clean it with a qtip and some rubbing alcohol, also look inside the case to make sure the charging pins are free from debris

I just spent two hours working on this because my left one would not light up. I found the solution! There are tiny clear stickers on both earbuds that also cover the bottom. It’s preventing the air buds from making contact with the charger. Remove those stickers!

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This is the best solution guys. I would like to buy you a pizza :stuck_out_tongue:


had the same problem too till I followed instructions on their video

hope this helps

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I got mine to pair properly:

  • delete bluetooth connection

  • keeping them in the charge box when I did the long press to get the red led going

  • take them out and set them together to do their flashing thing for a while

  • put them back in the box

  • take them back out and setup the bluetooth connection on the phone

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This method worked for me the second time I tried. Thanks!

Mine won’t play at time same time


I’ve been able to reset mine (long hold only), and it works, but, once they go back into the case, and back out again, the left won’t connect. I have to do the entire reset all over again to get it to connect. Anyone having similar issues or knows of a permanent fix?

Thank you a lot. I have my SN printed inside the charging case, and your method is the only one that worked with me. Now the left earbud is working perfectly.

Thank you again.

My earbuds have the Serialnumber in the case, but in the center. What worked forme:

  1. Delete Bluetooth infofromphone and turn off bluetooth - same as Anker describe
  2. push the button at th bottom of the charging case until both buds turn red.
  3. Take out of charging case and pair. If your phone asks you to pair the other bug say no

The key thing that is missing from all of Ankers suggestions is that your phone pairs to one bud, that bud pairs to the other bud. Anyone looking to pair 2 buds at the same time is wasting their time.

Anyway - now working for me. What a PITA.

this worked for me! thank you!

This is the fix that worked for me! Thank you!!!

I have used this fix twice successfully and have bookmarked it for future use. Thanks so very much for a simple effective fix for this issue.

BTW the problem generally appears after attempting to use the earbuds for both my phone and my laptop. Not sure why that is not possible without this issue.

Awesome thanks

I have had nothing but connectivity issues with these and I’ve probably only used them a handful of times in the 8ish months I’ve owned them.

I finally got them to connect to my Macbook Air. But the left bud has no audio. I’ve done the reset procedure several times, I’ve charged it and tried again. No luck. Any ideas? Likely out of warranty now and I’ve spent way too much time troubleshooting to make the purchase worth the cost. I just don’t get it. I don’t know how much your time is worth but I think I exceeded the cost of the earbuds long ago. But I digress. Open to suggestions for how to get this to work and be reliable.


This worked for me. Thank you!

If you have the soundcore liberty air 2 with serial number printed inside the case… Use this method open the case (leave the buds inside) hold the button under the bottom of the case until they power off then open the case and reconnect the Bluetooth and both will play… I also included a video just in case do this if the serial number is printed inside the case

Personally, for my headphones, I found the manual reset was useful, but it looks like you should do the opposite of what it says. Basically, if the left bud is the one not working, reset the right one first, and vice versa if the right one is not working. So if the right one is not working, do it in the order of the manual. Seems like its a bug issue that once you understand works great. The problem does not seem to be the hardware.

On a side note of your digression, Not sure if this is a apple versus non apple product issue. (From my own and friends’ experiences and my partner’s tech background, apple works differently from non apple products and all of their products are essentially built so you have to spend money on their expensive products or submit to sub par use of non-apple accessories and apple computers/phones). Hence why I don’t buy apple products, the expectation of their products is everything else you have is also apple. So many other companies come out with really nice products too that I’d like to try or use, so unless/until you want to go full apple I tell people to avoid mixing apple and non-apple (or knock off apple) products for best utility.

My tip, follow the manual or the videos in the comments with one nuance, if your right headphone isn’t connecting, start with the left headphone as explained in the manual, if the left headphone isn’t working start with the right.

Ie: left headphone not connecting

  1. reset the right headphone first by putting it in the case, and holding the pad until it flashes red
  2. repeat with left headphone
  3. take out right first, then left, and connect to devices

Vice versa if the right headphone isn’t working.