Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 vs Anker Soundcore Life P2

Hi, I’m a new member of this community, I’m looking for a pair of new earbuds and I found a lot of interesting reviews talking about the Liberty Air 2, but I’m Italian and this model isn’t even “coming soon” on, or any physical store whatsoever…

So, in the meantime, I looked on the Soundcore store in Amazon and I found this pair of earbuds, the Life P2. By looking at the product informations, they seemed to me as a valid alternative to the Liberty Air 2, but unfortunately they are almost unknown, there is just one review on YT and no reviews at all on Google, and with this lack of opinions and informations I’m not very confident about the purchase…

So I was wondering: what are the differences between the Liberty Air 2 and the Life P2 to justify the price difference?

And also, I would like to know from someone who owns this pair of earbuds (the Life P2) about few things (latency on YT and Netflix, how the Bluetooth works if you are in a different room than your phone, if they stay in your ear while running, how is the noise isolation, how does they sound compared to the Liberty Air 2 or the Liberty Air for example, how is the case…).

Thanks in advance! Andrea


Same! I want to hear what everyone else thinks before clicking the “purchase” button.


Give me a week and I can give you my honest review on this product…I’m just waiting for it to arrive, then a few days of use and then my review


There are now 2 new videos on YT about the Life P2, here are the links. Not so many informations given tbh (just the ones that we can all read on Anker’s website and on Amazon)…

While we wait for @Tank review (can’t wait to hear from you!), is there anyone else who can give us his opinion about these earbuds?

@Tank is very experienced in testing earbuds and speakers and such, so his review Should be pretty useful.

@MacBlank has them, and has been using them.

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Ugh that second video was so hard to watch. At times I wanted to tell him to just stop and leave it for someone else to do, didn’t talk much about anything which is pointless.

I will do a video review @TechMan get on me and make sure I get it done. And dont forget by weeks end, like Sunday.

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Hehe, will do.

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