Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 vs Anker Soundcore Life P2

No need to apologize! Thanks for the brief review and pics, it’s super helpful. Case size is a major factor for me, so it looks like the Liberty Air is my pick. :slight_smile:

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I am an owner of the Liberty Air 2 currently, Life P2 is to arrive this week some time. So far my issue with Liberty Air 2 is that during calls, sometimes my mic mutes on it’s own. I am still testing this but I can still hear them just they can’t hear me. On one call using phone app, it muted me after 1 minute of talking to them. On one WhatsApp call, it lasted 20 minutes before muting me. Then 2 more WhatsApp call that muted me in under 2 minutes. Will update as I do more calls. Not sure if this is a defective unit or not. Will update my review about Life P2 when it arrives. Otherwise Liberty Air 2’s app choosing EQ made by Soundcore was superb music quality. Bluetooth connectivity was fast and easy. It was very comfortable to wear, luckly the stock ear tips fit me perfectly, not falling out or slipping with head shaking test. When not on a call or watching / hearing anything there is an occasional on and off hiss sound (I assume this is noise cancelling mic feature doing it’s thing).

I’m no audiophile by any stretch but I can hear a big difference between the two. I bought the Liberty Air 2 for home and the Life P2 for very occasional use at work. I recieved the P2’s first and was happy with them. The audio quality isn’t stunning, but they are a good quality product that I had no problems with. The Liberty Air 2 arrived a few days later and I was shocked by them. Mostly it was the depth of the soundscape which was the difference. I liked the fact they are very slightly smaller. Due to this and the flat profile, I can have them in when I can’t sleep when using a quite hard pillow. I tried with the Life P2 but they rubbed inside my ear. The real difference is the sound though.

The Liberty Air 2’s sound was wide and clear, with great definition on every small part, and this noticable even before I started playing around with the app EQ settings. In comparison, the Life P2 is a lot more flat, up front and immediate. It also has a slight bit too much bass for me, which means it gets less and less enjoyable the louder they are. It’s pity that there’s no way to change any settings.

In conclusion, they are both good quality products but the Liberty Air 2 is better in every respect. To be honest, I kind of wish I’d gone for the original Liberty Air’s for my backup work ones instead of the P2’s, as I’ve heard they are very similar to the Air 2’s but with out the playtime and EQ settings. As it is though, I’m happy with my purchases.

After a little while using both, I’ve had a few more impressions. I still believe in everything I posted above but I’ve come to appreciate the P2’s simplicity. The P2’s connect instantly and never disconnect, while the Liberty Air 2’s often takes a couple of seconds to pair and has dropped a couple of times. I’ve found I prefer the physical button rather than the touch controls on the Liberty’s as there’s no accidental touches and the double tapping to start and stop just doesn’t feel natural. While slightly bigger, with the P2’s case I can get them back in the right way pretty much every time, while the Liberty’s leave me twirling them around to try and get them in. I was also very frustrated with the Liberty’s at first until I found the option for them to not stop playback when you take one out of your ears, as it stops it for both buds. On the whole, the P2’s just feel solid and intuitive, while the Liberty’s are just a little finicky. The Liberty’s are still slightly smaller and have a far better sound but I never begrudge having to use the P2’s when I am at work. Again, I’ve been very happy with both purchases.

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Thank you all for the honest reviews of these two! The fact that Anker has so many competing products makes it so hard to choose by more than just price. @velqn @Tank, @caspersghost your effort is truely appreciated! I need to upgrade over my Soundcore Liberty Neo, so I can get more than 4 hours of use per charge, mostly for music between work phone calls. I think I am going with the P2 for now, and hopefully will last until the next generation comes out with the ANC at a lower price point.

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not sure if this thread is still active. I just got the p2’s from amazon after having a so-so experience with the jlab executive ear buds. the p2 seems to be slight louder than the executive but I could use a little louder. sound is pretty good. My main concern is call quality. I returned the executive because the caller on the other end stated that they could hear the background better than my voice. im eager to try the liberty Air 2 from best buy for 99.00 US.