____Anker/Soundcore/eufy/Nebula Instead | Fill in the Blank to Win a Prize!

Well, I will go with something I had created on the Soundcore gallery for fun aa I was relearning Photoshop


Larger with Soundcore instead


Thats a good question.
Slow motion will help!
I see a car adapter!

AMPLIFY with SoundCore Instead!


Updated Captions, included Roav and Eufy :grin:

Active Anker Instead
Need Nebula Instead
Keep Roav Instead
Every Eufy Instead
Reach Soundcore Instead

Some great photos on this thread

According to me you win this contest :slight_smile:


She has put the level very high!
Thats good,
so all other participants have to create something very special. :smiley:

Simple, boring photos just showing the device as shown at soundcore’s gallery will not do.


You mean some thing like this :rofl:

Balance Nebula Instead


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hehe, but the bow could be more “subservient” :rofl:

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That was quite an unintentional bow, just to balance myself :joy:

Cook Anker Instead :slight_smile:

Yum Yum!


Yum Yum… Hot Cross Buns… Ooooo, these are Hot Anker Instead

Good one :ok_hand: @chrisjwaggoner

Awww thanks!!! I can’t wait to see what other come up with!

Haha, this is great :+1:t2:

This is soooo cool! :rofl::rofl::+1::+1:

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@Tank cooked his anker (soundcore) earbuds once :eyes:.

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:sob: don’t remind me so sad

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Oh ja, a soup, with ingredients from anker and soundcore.:rofl:

It might actually be the best tasting thing they could make :man_cook::woman_cook:

Thanks, the kiddos love being silly like this.

I haven’t done that yet, but I can say I have done my fair share of washing earbuds :sob:

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