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Congratulations You Also :heart_eyes:
I Already Got email check yours also,Already Filled And Waiting To get my prize.
I Will make review and show you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::gift::tada:


Congratz all of you guys :tada::tada::tada:

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OMG I actually won something !!! Thank you Anker! Also congrats to other winners!

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@Tengiz when did you get your email? I havent got anything yet

Yes And Filled it Already Cant wait to get My prize :sunglasses::gift:

check your junk/spam folders also.I am using Gmail and that email was in just inbox.

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Guys As I See My Prize " PowerCore 10000 PD" On Youtube videos it comes with “different” USB How to charge it?

It’s USB-C to charge it.?.?.?

Use a type c to type a cable.

Using a type c to type a cable will take 9 hours to charge vs 4hr using a PD type c charger and included cable



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Does that Come with that Type C Cable?

Looks Like I Must Buy that also.

It comes with a type c to type c cable.

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Here is a great Type C to Type A cable :+1:

Or you can buy a USB-C Charger/adapter

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Ohh very good,So I will charge it as other power bank.

I don’t think @Tengiz has a charger to charge it with…

I Don’t have any other Charger,Just PC.

You need to fix this lol. You can get this Charger which has two USB-C ports. Coupon code: ANKER861

Also these USB-A chargers are great as well!

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I recommend a type c PD or power delivery charger just not these models.

Powerport PD 1
Powerport PD 2
Powerport Atom PD 1

using a PC to charge this powerbnak will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 hours. Do yourself a favor and get a power delivery type c charger anker sells a wide variety just avoid the ones I listed above.


You can find some very inexpensive USB-C PD wall chargers, definitely worth the investment to charge this powerbank. Have any of the winners received their Power Bank yet? Or even confirmation that Anker received your address submission? I submitted my form on or about July 8th/9th but never got confirmation of it being received and havent received my Power Bank yet. I know it says we should get them by the 31st, I just want to make sure im not missing out on the ONLY thing ive ever won in my life :joy: especially from such a great company.

Anyone get their items yet?

I still have not received the item I won, despite filling out the form. Should I have gotten it already? Is there some problem or is it supposed to be taking a while?