Anker Listing Poll | We Need Your Help



Congrats fellow winners. I’m excited to get my hands on this powerbank and think it will become my new daily driver.


Congratulations to all the winners :clap:



Wow congrats winners


Congrats winners :slight_smile:


Congrats especially for you!


Congrats to the selected winners :ok_hand:


Congrats to the winners :+1:


Lol I didn’t realize there was a contest attached to this poll :joy:. Congrats to the winners!


Nice win! Congrats winners!


Thanks Guys ! <3 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thanks also ANKER :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats guys! Enjoy your new 10K PD!



How do I go about receiving my item?


Anker will send you an email in the next week or so. Don’t forget to check your junk folder!

Congrats on winning!


Thanks man, first time ive ever won any giveaway in my life, glad its from one of my favorite companies and hope its the beginning of an Anker giveaway winning streak for me(though i doubt it, but hey I can be optimistic!).


If you stay active on the community, you won’t miss any giveaways and have much better odds :wink:.


Wow, thank you so much!


Anker should throw in a skin to go with these Powerbank…


This is My First time also. I am so HAPPY :gift::tada:

when I got notification that I was mentioned here, I was thinking something Good Happened :smiley:


grats to the :anchor: (Anker) winners


Congrats @Tengiz & @TheDude ! Well deserved win! Congrats all!