Anker Listing Poll | We Need Your Help



Too many polls in a single thread… I thought I am doing some board exam or so… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks Anker for the opportunity to win.


Love your products. It’s great to see that Anker is building new products with your customers. Good luck everyone.


Anyone else waiting so anxiously for to see your name in winners???


@Chiquinho want to help the Doc out here? :arrow_heading_up:


Yes, Mr. Dude… :sunglasses:


Here you go bud


That was epic !



I LOVE these polls. Thank you ANKER, your giving back is so much fun and admirable. It speaks volumes to your brand. Your social outreach is FANTASTIC!!!


I tried my best


Poll complete. It’s kind of funny how sometimes your choice comes in second or third.


My suggestions are, explore more on lighter weight batteries for long term competitiveness, usc-c i/o compatibility, digital % e-ink display, qualcomm quick charge compatibility, magnetic cable management/holding feature, sustainably sourced materials.


Now that we are reviewers, of sorts, is the next step a Rotten Tomatoes of this gang? I am always interested to see how my relatively uninformed opinion matches with the full-timers. Anyway, that was fun!


That’d be so awesome to win that! I love all my Anker products, but that would be VERY nice to win.


I agree, they need to say something more specific like charges 2.5x faster than the OEM Apple AC to USB Power adapter. Or 2.5x faster than the Mobie X3000 (or whatever) power block.


I’m a doofus, I went to click on an image to zoom in, and inadvertently voted on it. :woozy_face:


Lol, you can change your answer. Hit “hide results” and select a new answer :wink:


Ding dang, Man, you’re like my Anker Forum Sensei. :bowing_woman:


Hello @AnkerOfficial, winner announcement for this Anker Listing Poll is due :slight_smile:

Best of luck everyone!