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This is one of the things that separates great companies from decent companies…interaction with their community/supporters, constantly looking for ways to improve, and looking for ways to improve their digital presence. This is why Anker is as great as it is and consistently #1 in their field. Happy to help!


Fun little poll. I hope I win a Powercore 10000 as I never had a battery bank. Good luck everyone!


I am on a iMac and using FireFox. I don’t see what you’re showing me.


Submitted answers! Kind of an interesting poll to see which phrases stand out the most with each of us, definitely saw some icons that had similar choices as myself. :slight_smile:


Oh I assumed you were using a mobile device.

On iMac Firefox you should just be able to zoom in by either using the touchpad to pinch-zoom or if you go to the browser settings you can increase the image size to 200% or whatever you would like.


Glad to see more community involvement like this! Hope to see us have a greater role in new products like this!


You see the community likes to take part.
Not because there is something to “win”. :joy:
Doing such “consultations” helps ANKER to decide about advertising.

Of course the most of us are “technically” well versed.
But I made my decisions without thinking of any technical background,


IMO, users think highly of a product w/ a great WARRANTY as offered by Anker—so???


I’d like it if more of your products were UL listed. For things like wall chargers and portable (battery pack) chargers it adds extra peace-of-mind.


How about more mAh?
Can we have 12v 2.4A with battery gave 5200nAh?
We can have more charge with one refill.
I was thinking to use 2x2> 2 inline cells connect to 2 inline cells and. in a cylinder on the opposite side (to save size and improve the quality)


Anker Always Does A Good Job With Their Products


Been an Anker fan for a long time. It’s great to see you reach out to your fans for input.


Glad you ask but you seem to be doing pretty good. Love the wakey.


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Multi packs. I always feel guilty ordering a new Anker cable for myself and not one for my husband and my son too!


Please update/upgrade the PowerPort Atom PD 4 with GaN Tech. We need more or your high quality chargers made with GaN. Plus, I’m waiting to get the 100w charger until it’s updated.


Ohh Shit… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Please ruggedize and waterproof your device and its connections. Many companies are making a big deal that their product is also built tough as a selling point. Here in the USA, it would be nice if yours was also marketed in this category as well. Many of us are leading active lifestyles, or a klutz going through the speed bumps and humps of life, dropping things, in a rush, etc.

Weather, rain, sweat and drop proof-impact shock resistant for the device and its usb connections would be a plus.

That way we can connect your akler to our devices that we carry during workouts, running and other outdoor activities.

A right angle connector will also allow the ankler and device to be carried closer to the body.

I carry multiple devices and prefer the most power connections possible to keep them running. Many times I am soaking wet down and dirty. blush:

When looking at your specs I also automatically home in on most power and connections.

I don’t care where it is made so long as it is tough and built to last. So many other products have a short end of life cycle and operate in half dead RIP mode getting worse after a few charges.

Ankler is a name brand we can trust becoming an indispensable part of our daily routine as a way of life.


Can you please give me some more info on the Roav VIVA as the Auto in the States has pretty poor reviews !!

I am a long time member of the largest UK Echo/ Alexa site so a “test drive” would be great for the product to be able to give a proper customer review.

I have a couple of Eufy Genies which apart from no Bluetooth I find really good. I describe them as basically a DOT 2,5 as the sound isn’t as good as the 3rd GEN but a lot better than the 2nd Gen !!

I have a lot of ANKER products and overall find them pretty good in both quality, reliability and when you rarely need it the customer service is both responsive and good. So a pat on the back for your CS !!!



This was great. I love being able to help brand the company!


Poll answered… good luck to all