Anker Listing Poll | We Need Your Help



Poll taken, actually some tough choices!


Welcome to the Anker Community, @d3x215! Hope to see you around.


Thanks! Look forward to the discussions!


Done, this was kinda difficult as all of them were good


Nice! So many polls :cloud_with_lightning:


There were not many poll questions, but the results cone into your face which makes it overwhelming :smile:



If this was a multiple choice test, I think I’d fail.

Surprised at some of the “winners” so far. Good luck to all :slight_smile: :shamrock:


You never really notice it until you have options, but subtle wording really changes how you view a device or capability.


Shoot, I should have studied.


Done. Now let’s win something :slight_smile:


Should say feedback instead of polls Anker @AnkerOfficial
More input like this is better :+1::wink:


I love polls. But @AnkerOfficial, is there a way to make the photos a tad bigger? I thought I could click on the pic to expand it and ended up voting on it instead.


Desktop mode in browser settings😉


I accidentally clicked on a poll option when trying to look at the pictures, and can’t undo my choice. Is there any way to do this?


No you cannot change your vote. I think you might have failed the test too! JK!


Thanks. That’s too bad, but at least it was only 1 in 7. And that’s an 85% so I still pass!


Signed up for the poll. Best poll I’ve taken!


Just finished the poll, I think it’s great that Anker takes outside advice on advertising!


Yes, you can undo your choice. If you click ‘Hide results’, then you can re-choose the answer again. :grinning:


Interesting poll. Happy to partake, and nice incentive to boot!