Anker creative team need your help!

Anker creative team have created lots of images to show the durbility of anker cable. I think now they’ve got some trouble!

After group brainstorm, they still have no idea on how to create a image to show the cable is durable. They asked me for help and they heard that there are many creative users in our community! I say yes!!

So now, do you guys have any good idea to save our Anker creative team?:joy::joy::joy:



How to show the durbility of anker cable? If your ideas are adopted, it may be applied to our external promotion materials. Of course, you will also receive a special gift from our creative team to thanks your help!

Come on! Don’t be hesitate to leave your thought! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Golden idea announced!

Thanks for all the lovely creative ideas! We did not expect that there are so many users willing to help us, this moved us.

From all the good ideas, we think the idea from @tiagomota give us most deep impression.


The concept is simple but it’s effective to show the strength & durability of the Anker cable. To thank you your contribution, our creative team prepared a gift to you! Let us keep it secret, I hope you will like it when receive it!

Thanks again for all the comments and supports!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have an idea.:joy::joy::joy:

Maybe we can use cable replace that vine, and we can make a gif image.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I will try something :joy: @AnkerOfficial

This is an excellent event for @Chiquinho

Could be made better, but no more time.

First attempt. :rofl:


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work your magic Franz


So I’m not a whiz on Photoshop but sure will have some ideas.

The first that springs to mind which would also make for a TV commercial;
Young person using their Anker cable.
Same person slightly older and off to university using the same cable.
Time skips forward 10-15 years.
Young persons grown up and lends his cable to his child.
This shows the cable standing the test of time.

I think the problem with trying to show strength is you’ll need to be careful with the advertising standards.
You can quite easily depict a cable will stand the test of time, but not towing a BMW!


Yes NOT use some Photos from other companies!
Could cause trouble!

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Hope that is the right expression : cohasion.


I’ll be back tonight after work :grin:

Yea I’m not really good with photoshop, hmmm

I’ll give it my best try with photoshop

This is for the Pro-Photoshoppers like @Chiquinho I may come up with some creative line.

That first image concerns me, because I don’t believe the cable would survive that dog. Am I wrong?

Depends, they survived my cat chewing on them

Mine have survived my toddler yet so.

If the cat will not do, you can! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

HAHAHA! This would be hilarious.

I have some ideas of a series that could be fun with these cables. Since this is all concept work, for right now, is it fine that we just show some of the standard, black cables for this?


It looks jumpy as I was trying to downsample to your 4MB limit


How about 2 guys, one old and one young , standing next to a barbell with weights that are being held up by two of the cords. The saying could state strength and durability to last a lifetime

This is the last one.
Now it’s your turn.

It shows up too small at my screen, give it a “click”.