Anker Auction House | PowerPort Atom PD 1


I’ll just go ahead and bow out now. I was playing a fool’s game.


Decided I want this. My limit is 2200


Less than 8 hours to change your mind. :grinning:


Yeah. That’s why I used the word “decided”… since I changed my mind lol


Lol I wonder how high this bid will go. Looking forward to any drama too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


*** will win :+1:


I bid 440pb


I’ll bid 450! :slight_smile:


Best of luck then

I bid 460


:+1: thanks man 560pb


…what’s going on :grimacing:


Well someone reminded me to shut up and follow the rule of up to 100 pb. I’m ok with that :+1:


Buckle up guys, here we go!! :grin:


I bid 570 pbs


This will definitely get interesting for this wee lil charger.

600 Power Buccaroos!


I bid 700 PBs


My limit is poor. Good luck guys!


More like, “Decided” he wants to play :joy:

Let’s have it 800pb

I’ve got a new cable coming so I need this to power it :+1:t2:


Oh ja, all bidders have to give an explanation why they are bidding. :rofl:
Exactly : A new cable need a new charger, that true! :smiley:


We need more auction because 800 bucks are stupid.