Anker Auction House | PowerPort Atom PD 1


I am bidding 140!


It’s nice to see that it’s open to more than US/CA but is it compatible with European outlets though …?


Too much for me, good luck everyone!!


I think if someone here in Europe is the winner of that auction
he will get a charger with a fitting plug.
I am sure!


@Florian.h don’t worry, if Anker listed EU countries they will ensure to comply with local regulatory and hardware requirements.

I’m bidding 150 :moneybag:


160 pb’s it is


200 pbs this time!


Don’t be an *** and go up 10pb at a time


So well within the bounds


*** can stay safe and keep their *** shut. People interested will bid.


this is going to be a night mare to win i give up :joy:


yeah its is impossible lol it will likely go up into the thousands lol


Good luck to all that are bidding.


I bid 250 PBs


260 pb from me


300 pb my 1 and only bid


310 PBs … I would say I could go all day but you can easily call my bluff by checking how many PBs I have :sob:


320 is my bid


330 PBs. Have I pushed you to your limit yet, @Shenoy?


My limit is 1760, I will bid 340