Anker Alkaline AAA Battery "Review"



3rd Update
Anker AAA battery has about 10% improved capacity vs Energizer Industrial AAA
Anker = 1289 mAh
Energizer = 1164 mAh
This is a great improvement in already mature market :+1:

2nd Update
41.5 hrs into capacity test @25mA current, Anker AAA has started to show improved capacity vs Energizer Industrial AAA. So far both are at 1038 mAh capacity.
I’ll let it go till voltage drops to 0.8V and that will determine the final capacity of these.

Some Testing Updates:
Battery is 18 hrs into test and is holding similar or better then Energizer Industrial AAA. It will be another 18-20 hrs to finish the capacity test. This is a discharge test (@25 mA) till the voltage of battery drops to 0.8V. This test is ongoing and will be updated once complete…Duracell AAA result will be included later since I only can spare 2 circuits for these tests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Internal Resistance of the battery: I used AC impedance test (@1KHz) to check the internal resistance of these batteries (also called impedance). “lower the better” This value typically is between 150-300 mOhm.
Energizer Industrial : 131 mOhm "Best one"
Duracell : 178 mOhm
Anker : 164 mOhm

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical
I received Anker AAA Alkaline Batteries (24 pack). Below are some of the unboxing pictures. I’m currently running some discharge test in my battery lab comparing these with Energizer Industrial AAA. That will be done by tomorrow morning so I’ll update this with test results. I’ll compare these with Duracell AAA as well starting tomorrow.
Packaging: Comes in classic Blue/White paper box (100% recyclable)
There are 3 x 8 pack batteries inside along with a Happy/Not Happy card. Date code on battery is 05/2029 (almost 10 year life).
Out of box the batteries have a voltage of 1.65 V. According to IEC LR03 standard these batteries are considered dead (fully discharged) when the voltage drops to 0.8 V. We will see how these perform :grinning:

At this time there is not much to discuss (more after battery tests are done).

Enjoy the pictures below…






I received mine too. I’m not really sure how to test AAA batteries so I sorta gave up on a review… I’ll let the battery Dr. do it :joy:


No worries, I’ll check all the claims that Anker made :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice Review. I’m about to order a box of these since my latest batteries (non rechargeable) pack is almost gone. Looking forward to seeing the results.


You have a way of testing that 10 year shelf life? In less then ten years.?.?.?

That’s what most interests me… since I don’t use battery’s much, it will take 10 years to use these 24 lol


Great Review.Can You share us how long it will work?
like test in any device how long it will work with that anker batteries and test that device working times also other famous brands.


The fact that they still come in Anker packaging makes my heart so happy!


Absolutely that is the testing I’m doing


Another nice review. my rechargeable ones are almost worn out and now I need some. Would try these… Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


You have disclosed willingly or unwillingly that you have no kids at home… :rofl:
It’s a serious privacy breach man :japanese_ogre::clown_face::space_invader::smiling_imp:


I will be posting my review hopefully tomorrow. Of course @kumar.sachin is the battery guru so mine cant compare to his but i can try.

I have both the AA and AAA batteries and testing is on going.

@kumar.sachin i look foward to your findings, btw great pictures


@Tank your reviews are always top notch and you find things that others miss. I really look forward to your review.
I will try to cover some technical aspects since I do have access to equipments. I encourage others to post their reviews as well as together we can cover most aspects of new products.


I had forgotten about those batteries. Looking forward to how they perform against other batteries


What would kids use battery’s for? There nearly useless in this time and age.


You clearly do not have kids, there are a bunch of kid toys that requires batteries. A lot of stem projects also require the use of batteries


You mean the toys that make noise? May it never be. My parents never bought those, and neither will I. They are… annoying…

You are correct that I don’t have kids, but I would never buy a battery operated toy anyway.


Wait until you have kids, you will see that you have no choice in some things when they are a baby. Lets leave it at that.

Sorry for cluttering your thread @kumar.sachin


Toys my dear toys :teddy_bear: :oncoming_automobile: :red_car: :blue_car: Kids buy dozens of toys on weekly basis. All of them run on these conventional batteries. …


Who said YOU would buy???
Again you have no idea about kids. :smiley:. They would buy themselves. Yes even a little toddy knows how to do that.


Nice review and photos! :ok_hand: