Anker Alkaline AAA Battery "Review"



Toys are single most use of alkaline batteries. Remotes, clocks, doorbell, smoke alarms, etc are other uses that still utilize alkaline batteries. With their 10 yrs of shelf life it is very convenient where very small amount of power is used.


I never thought I would buy these toys either. But luckily grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends all like to buy really annoying toys too.

Some I try to hide or exchange, but they always get their eye on it and open it right away. “DAD!! WHERE ARE THE BATTERIES?!?!?!” You have no choice. :cry:


Oh you have a choice… my parents did lol


Would you quit trying to argue, let it go. You know you dont always have to have the last say in a conversation


Some result updates are included in the main post.
FYI do you guys know that you can recharge an alkaline battery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I will strongly discourage anyone trying this but just from chemistry point of view, it is possible…
The reason it is not done is due to the fact that these batteries are sealed and recharging can cause them to rupture/explode/leak due to gas formation. Plus it takes almost 20 hrs to recharge and is expensive ($/charge).


Only really takes a normal AA/AAA battery charger and a timer.


Great review and photos as always Kumar :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:


2nd update in the main post


I feel like this is a horse race, can I put some money down on Anker?


Alkaline battery market is a very mature product market with very little area of improvements. Thus not much efforts are being made in this market from big players (Duracell, Energizer).
At the same time if a new player claims even 2% improvement in battery, it is HUGE. Let alone 10 or 20% improvement. If Anker can do a 10% improvement in this market, I’ll put a lot of money on them :grinning:


And that’s coming from the battery guy! Very nice!