AMAZONLIVE Stream MEGA Giveaway to Celebrate 1 Year on Amazon

Just a quick heads up. Tomorrow’s Amazon Live Stream will celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY streaming on Amazon Live and as such - will have a MEGA (RHYMES WITH SCHMIVAWAY)

We’ll be giving away a bunch of products from Soundcore, Anker, and Eufy as well as a few surprises.
I’ve got speakers, earbuds, headphones, chargers, and security cameras…

It’s gonna be pure madness - and for everyone that hates the codes, it will be a RANDOM drawing for all products.

Tuesday, 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

Hope to see everyone there!



Thanks for sharing.

USA only?

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I’m going to try to have at least one or two that are available in the UK …


Thanks for letting us know :+1:

Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! :ok_hand:

Just a few more mins now :+1:

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This was a lot of fun tonight, although @SoundcoreAdam maybe has a few more grey hairs after the hijinx…

Glad to see the numbers up at the start and rebound a bit after the restart.

Sorry missed, was asleep at the 12 midnight local time.

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Did we have any winners from this community?

There was an outage and the Amazon Live stream stopped and never recovered for me… looks like I won some camera, but since I was not on the stream, got passed to someone else… though the recording does not show anything of that, (meaning I didnt win anything :smiley: )

Congrats to winners, I know @TheSnarkyOne won and also one other member… (cannot recollect the name)

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A few familiar names (everyone was on counting down for @shenoy to say he was still on the stream but the prize ended up being spun for again)…a few also asked for a re-spin of the wheel due to having the item already such as the Soundcore Escape box…

@TheSnarkyOne managed to snag something I recall alongside @Nhi and @Hermes_Alvarez ….it was rather late and sleep was calling me too much to recall any others :sleepy:


Congrats to the other winners. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was watching it at first and I noticed it cut off. And I didn’t know where to look so I gave up and started watching tv lol.
It was fun stream before it cut off, I hope they do it again :+1:

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Good to know a few community members won some items! I wonder who won the big speaker he showed at the beginning of the stream

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out of curiosity… where did you get the Link for the new stream? Old link from the main post took to recording…

Had the same issue, it showed a recording for around 2-3 minutes until Adam started the live stream going again.

There were three won, the final by @Hermes_Alvarez


Oh man he got really lucky! Hopefully next time the stream won’t end abruptly and I can stay till the end lol

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I lucked out for sure during this giveaway, missed the earbuds a couple of times, missed the Soundcore Rave Neo…waited for @SoundcoreAdam to shuffle the names and bam managed to snag the last Soundcore Rave Neo…made me sweat I till you

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