AMAZON Prime Day - July 15 & 16


Hell yeah I’d buy at half price


Cheap Euvy vacuum cleaner would be nice, indeed if you would like me to try one for a Free trial it would be christmas coming early for me. As I have always writtren fair and balanced reviews unfortunately warts and all.



Totally agree. We need some UK love from Anker.


We have Alexa she’s soooo good for one in my house :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Prime day is an addiction and it’s really not healthy oh well


My list of purchases has grown enough that I’ve decided to filter some items to needed and wanted. Guess the Wakey will just have to wait a bit more. This was something that I needed at one point but my phone is awesome enough to wake me up! Oh btw the Wakey is unavailable that is why it is on the back burner.


I received an email yesterday with some Anker/SoundCore deals and saw that they had eufycam E on sale. Now, the sale is for the 3 camera set BUT I do not need 3 cameras as these are just for my kids to observe the dogs when they are away from home at school (University). The sale is a PRE-Prime Day sale. Anyway, the savings are great as you save $130 from $499.99 with coupon code KINJAEF4. Well I’ve been searching high and low for a wireless camera that can withstand 120 degree heat and has good voice response. I tried the Argus 2 camera and it just wasn’t good enough.
Since I only need two camera set so I gave it a shot and tried KINJAEF3 and it WORKED! I got $60 bucks off $319.99 making my purchase $259.99. Purchase complete, they arrive tomorrow. Kids are happy!


Hope you like em!


Saw an article about the best items sold on Prime Day over the last few years. They said to expect to see some repeat items, ie. Fire Sticks, Echos, etc

It looks like Anker broke the top 5 in most years. If you were to pick ONE item that could be @AnkerOfficial’s best selling product this year, what is your guess?

Click here for the Wirecutter article

2018 - None
2017 - Anker PowerPort 2 Elite
2016 - Anker Lightning to USB Cable 3 ft.
2015 - Anker Lightning to USB Cable 3 ft.


I would say the SoundCore Flare or the 20100 powerbank


Possible the wakey, but the price is a tad too high for a mass-selling of a product.


Depending on the discounts those are pretty good options.

I agree, and a bit of niche product at this point since not everyone has QI charging phones, most people use their phone as an alarm clock or already have one.

I was thinking, again depending on the discount, the Atom PD1 or probably just some lightning charging cables.