AMAZON Prime Day - July 15 & 16


Amazon Prime Days

I am really hoping Anker has some awesome deals these two days! Got a couple of items on my list to purchase… that is with a discount of course.


I want a USB-C charger…


So do I my friend! Just got a battery charger + batteries for my xbox controllers and the charger uses USB-C as an input. My wife won’t lend me her USB-C charger so its been added to my list!


Waiting to prime day, Hope Anker will make discount on Roav s1 and POWERLINE II+ lightning cables.


I want the Nebula Capsule :heart_eyes:


I’d like to see the Montion+ on sale


The days my bank balance takes a hit lol


Gonna skip Prime day this year. Just a waste of money and time if you do not need anything. :wink:


Super excited for prime day!


That would be really cool shame I don’t need anything :frowning:


Im still waiting for some items to go on sale. Whether its Prime Day or just a discount code I’ll take anything! Need PD charger, USB-C cables, security camera set, and hopefully the Wakey and powerstrip


For the security camera, are you looking to buy specially Eufy’s cameras?


It is an option. I am still looking around, maybe some ip cameras, dont know yet. If the price on the eufycams go to a good pricepoint then why not. But I won’t buy them at the current price of $319.99 for two. I am just looking for a set that my daughters could use when they away at school and want to speak and view the dogs outside. Not so much for security


Sorry for my late response. I was asking because I saw THIS and I thought maybe you would be interested. But it’s way more than Eufy’s price point. And since you said you didn’t really need them for security, this may be a bit overkill. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for you


I did look at the Arlo brand but I already had the original arlo and it just didn’t cut it. Also the Arlo Pro 2 has very weak voice levels, which I need clear and loud output. Saw this on a couple of youtube reviews


I see, well at least you know what you want and what brands to stay away from. I hope you find what you are looking for soon :+1:


I’m hoping for some USB-C 6’ cables.


Amen. Hoping the Wakey goes on sale…just can’t swallow that $99 pill, but dang, I really want one.


Well your in luck! The code still works for the Wakey. That is a huge $20 off. I was about to get it but need the cash for some cameras. My phone has been my wakey since my alarm clock took a dump. It can wait a bit more, and hopefully the black one will be out soon


I hear ya, I really, really want the black one. Or even a darker grey.