AMAZON Prime Day - July 15 & 16


True I need that long Lightning to USB-C


It will probably be a while before they release other colors


I’m actually hoping to find a good deal on a lightning cable for a friend. A dual usbc charger would be nice too


I want a security camera and couple smart bulbs…


What charger + batteries did you get?


I have a few items I want to pick up, as well. Hopefully all of the deals can be found through the Anker website. I dislike the lightning deals format of Prime Day.


Hi! I already have several chargers but am looking to get a USB-C charger PD and another 26800+ with USB-C. Seems like this is the way of the near future, until industry changes it up again!


USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C…Talk of the town… :roll_eyes:


Well, really wanted them eufy cameras but they dont seem to go on sale. Not willing to pay $319.99 when I saw them earlier for 291. Hmmmm


I need some more cables and a USB-C charger, hopeful both will make it onto the Prime Day listings.


I’m so excited for Prime day. I bought my first Anker charger on Prime day years ago and now I buy them for friends and family for Christmas or birthday gifts.
I will probably pick up another one this year for myself to keep at my office.


oooooh booooy, there goes my wallet.


I’d also like to see their newer chargers with PIQ 3 on sale


Go find the anker train and win one :joy:


Lol that’s way too far for me. I’m waiting to see them at my local Walmart :rofl:


It’s only like 10hrs or less to get there :man_shrugging:. It would make a fun vacation :joy:


Where exactly in new york is this train? Now I’m curious how far it is haha


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the flare mini half price on amazon prime day I am already loving the design on of it :heart_eyes:


Prime Day and Anker just seem to be meant for each other. I’m keeping my eyes glued here for updates.


Are us UK customers going to get some decent offers on real products like Eufy and ROAV products or is it going to be only leads ? the Eufy genie is brilliant but nobody in the UK even knows it exist !!! The ROAV has a tremendous inteest If you publicided it a it more ??? Beat the Auto onto the market !!! in the UK !!!