Amazon Live | Upgrade Your Laptop Experience

Hey Anker Fans,

Another Friday means another livestream!

This time Adam and Aaron will be taking you through some Anker tech that can help you get more out of your laptop. One thing that’s definitely worth checking out is our all-new PowerLine USB-C to DC cable—the ultra-compact cable that lets you replace your oversized laptop charging brick. And as usual, we’ll also have discounts on everything featured in the livestream.

To learn more about some great Anker tech and find out about exclusive discounts, join us on Fri. May 22, 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET via this link:

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and please let us know what you’d like to see in future livestreams!

Power On!


Happy Friday again guys! :rofl:
Are you guys gonna go for this one?


So I see the PD4, the 100W cable, and the DC cable.

When are you shipping 85W and 100W lower cost chargers?

Hey Pei, happy Friday to you too!
I’ve never sat in on one of these, i must make time and check it out.

It’s a long weekend for us in the the UK as Monday is a public holiday and Debs has Tuesday off also.
So a long weekend of relaxation, good food (only if I’m cooking :rofl:) and drink.

How about you, any plans?

I always forget about this one… :frowning:

I would watch, but I will be at work at this time. Haven’t been able to watch any of them

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Will Aaron he in the stream the whole time this week?

I somehow completely forgot about the stream last Friday, so I didn’t watch it.

I’m retired so it never-ending-weekend. Sounds good but for the broken arm, ouch, grrr, moan, complain, distract myself reading electronics tutorials.

It’s windy!

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It is windy here too, very windy, didn’t stop us getting our for a walk. Just a short one, 4.5mls, but it burns a few calories and gives the heart a little workout.

How is the arm @professor?
Pain under control?

I walk a lot. Probably even more with broken arm. Not heavily in pain, just using distraction methods, sleep is difficult.

It’s given me the excuse to knuckle down on my electronics research. I didn’t know what was a Mosfet til I got less mobile.

Did you know Anker sells for $25 what costs $7 to make…

I am thinking of building a portable EMP device and point it at anyone playing loud music.

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Glad the pain isn’t too bad, shame its effecting your sleep, sleep is a powerful thing, we need it more than most people realise.
I first come across MOSFET in a previous retail job in the audio world, didn’t understand it fully, and still dont but recall something about special semiconductors.
The job in retail gave me a very good understanding of manufacturing costs, manufacturing profits, retail buy prices and profits. Its an eye-opener, a real eye opener, but thats the commercial world we live in!
We both love and hate it, but where would we be without it!

It’s terrible the amount of knowledge to understand everything.

Special Relativity is very simple.
Cosmology is easy until you get to symmetry breaking and gauge theory.
You need to understand gauge theory to explain nuclear forces, particular the weak nuclear force.
Once you know gauges and GR then the origin of the universe finally makes sense.
Pauli Exclusion principle, for Fermions, with the standard model then explains chemistry and semiconductors (valence band, conducting band).
Semiconductors then explain diodes, mosfet (a type of transistor) and finally you then understand Anker.

Probably takes… 10 years to know all that. General Relativity is probable the hardest part.

The upside is you know the future, so buy things before they increase in cost, sell before they drop, so making money becomes trivial. The downside is you figured you’ve been fiddled by someone asking $69 for something costing them $25.

Sometimes (not always) it is better not to know… that too once you have already bought the product :smiley:

Oh and I know geology too. You’re not good there…

(could be worse, you’re not in Seattle from where is Aaron tonight)



Anyone working in Montgomery Street, San Francisco is probably best ignorant.

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How did you know I worked there :smiley: you literally pin-pointed my location… (before the stay at home orders)

by the way, I had been to Seattle too, last year!

As I said, it takes ages to know everything

that one I agree with you @professor :+1:

Just realised this is 1am here in the UK, I’m keen, but not that keen :sunglasses: