Amazon Deals on Anker Products (Nebula Prizm ONLY $64,99 - Lowest Price Ever)


Nebula Prizm home projector.
The lowest price ever. Only $64.99 with coupon!



2 pack of Soundcore mini 2


Anker powercore 20100 nintendo switch edition


Soundcore flare limited red edition with travel case


Anker Soundsync 2 in 1 bluetooth transmitter



Thanks for sharing these deals.

Did I just see a red soundcore flare!

That’s awesome lol. Still like the idea of red white and blue speakers :thinking:


I do too, but blue is by far my favorite out of those colors.


I’m talking about a speaker that is all three colors. A US patriotic speaker like this



Okay, thats pretty awesome. I’m going to need to find a speaker like that.


They don’t make them sadly :cry:


I have mentioned it.
That combination would be really the hit in the US.

Why they don’t produce such one?


I don’t know… so many people would buy them


Good Ideas we have, but our calls are ignored! :frowning_face:


Everyone ignores my calls. Someone sees I’m calling and the reject it :joy:


I’d buy 2 right off the bat!


I agree, it would be a hit, I wonder if Anker would ever consider such a project.


Same here.


I sure wish they would.


I know, it’s just like I’m at home.:joy:


I have the Soundcore mini 2, love using it in the shower for my tunes! But is that a red Soundcore Flare? Okay I need to get this too!


Great deals!!! :heart_eyes:


It came out a few months ago, it is pretty cool.


My favorite was the 2 pack of Soundcore mini 2s.

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