Amazon Deals on Anker Products (Nebula Prizm ONLY $64,99 - Lowest Price Ever)


I’m sitting here trying to convince myself that I could find a use for the Prizm


I was gonna post the deal about the Nebula Prizm but I’m glad I checked first :+1:


Hope these community reviews could help you make the decision. :laughing:


Really nice deal. I was interested in the projector and this is really great deal I can’t let it pass by. Thanks.


It would make watching movies awesome!


Glad it could help you.


It really is quite the device, almost everyone who gets it just loves it. But every now and then you get someone with a “half glass empty” opinion.


I have used mine for outdoor movies, window images and videos during Halloween, and as a projector in my office. It has been really solid since I got it.


I don’t have one yet, but I certainly want one.


Outdoor movies would likely be its main use but I gravitate towards the Capsule for its portability.


For sure, makes sense with it. I have my setup in my backyard, so I have no need for portability. The capsule is definitely the way to go if you want it for that. The Prizm isn’t huge, but is not as “movable” as the Capsule is.


great deals! Nebula Prizm is an awesome one!

thanks for sharing


I try to share deals when I find them. Hopefully someone will be able to use it.


Or even the Prizm II for its increased brightness


Nebula Prizm is out of stock / not available anymore.


That went quick.


Looks like Anker is replenishing the stock, shows as back and available with the discount!!!


Awesome! More great deals!


grab 'em all guys …wao


I have and use the Mars II because its portable and last a little over 4 hours of use. Paired it t on my 2 flares and movie night is rockinv away.

I also set up a screen inside so we can have movie night indoors and out without having to move or setup a screen each time. Works great and i recommend any of the projectors as they are awesome