All-in-One Wireless Charging Guide

Hey, fans!

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself, “Self, what even is wireless charging, anyway? How does it work? And how do I get the best possible performance out of my wireless charger?”

Well, talk to yourselves no longer, because we’ve put together a handy guide that covers all you wanted to know (and some things you never knew that you wanted to know) about wireless charging with Anker.

If you’ve ever stayed up at night or during your #showerthoughts wondering…

  • How wireless charging works

  • How to choose the right charger for your phone

  • What kind of performance to expect from wireless chargers

  • If there are any safety concerns to be aware of

  • How to troubleshoot your charging problem with a specific product (like the AirPods 2 case)

…then this primer was written with you in mind! It’s a quick read, so if you’re curious about any of these topics, hop on over to our Wireless Charging 101 page to school yourself up on Anker’s wireless charging technology.

Do you use a wireless charger now? How do you like it? Are there any features or properties you’d like to see added to wireless charging technology? Let us know in the comments below!

Power On!


Love the power wave stand

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I was also surprised to learn recently that wireless chargers have a sort of “surge” protection due to their design. If a lightning strike were to cause an over voltage situation in your home’s electric outlets, that higher voltage normally cannot be transferred via wireless charging (so the wireless charger itself may be fried, but your phone should be OK).


Very informative. Thanks guys!!

Great informative content, very useful for people like me have no clue of how it works. I never used one, my current phones are not compatible and I may consider it when I upgrade my phone in future.
Thanks @AnkerTechnical for putting this article up.

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Seems like a pretty comprehensive guide :+1:. Thanks for making it!

A handy guide.

I have 2 wireless stands, one fast charge, and one normal!

However, if someone put them side by side and not tell me which is which… I wouldn’t know without placing my phone on it to see which does the fast charge.

I personally, think there should be more noticeable differences between each model.

I also do t understand one thing.
Why is the one aimed at Samsung cheaper than the one aimed at iPhone, when they both appear to be EXACTLY THE SAME and same spec.

Nice, very informative.

Very nice guide, @AnkerOfficial!

I miss wireless charging so much! When I had my Nexus 6 I absolutely loved it. When that crapped out, I got an Essential PH-1 which unfortunately does not have it. My next phone will absolutely have it!

A One-Stop, Informative Guide on Wireless Charging, thanks for putting this together @AnkerTechnical :thumbsup:

As you can see, ear pods fit quite well on a stand to charge.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any devices that uses wireless charging. :frowning:

Really? What phone do you have?

High time your phone may be up for an upgrade :wink:

Nice article, I will have to share the article.

This would have been a better guide if you guys would’ve gave us some coupons :wink: @AnkerTechnical

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It’s a good idea for making a slightly difference on each model, we will consider it in the future improvement.:innocent:

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Maybe on the prime day sale?

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When’s prime day?

Would love to but with the prices of phones nowadays, I’d rather save it for other electronics :wink: I miss the days of the subsidized phones.