All-in-One Wireless Charging Guide

If the prices go even higher, I will join you in not upgrading further… there are not real great features but only the chip AXX (A11, A12, … and dont know what) and Camera improvements keep changing

I am iPhone user, will be that way for quite sometime

I have a Samsung wireless charger which u so slow but could do with a fast charger

Go for the wireless stand that’s aimed at Samsung. Plus at the mo it’s an extra £3 off (UK)

Wireless Charger, Anker 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X, Fast-Charging Samsung Galaxy S10//S9/S9+ and More, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

@AnkerTechnical I had a question for wireless charging, posted it on another post.

@joshuad11 @ndalby @professor @AnkerTechnical

Can you please help with this question…

It has overcharging protection. So don’t worry about it.:innocent:


What did you change on my post?

Looks like they added a referral tag to the URL

So what exactly does that mean? Anker makes money if someone’s follows that link now?

I think its more so they can follow the sales stats for the year…

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guys are these wireless chargers case friendly? mine is just simple case not armour or otterbox.

Yes. The Qi standard requires you to be able to charge through up to a 4mm case I believe. I highly recommend the anker wireless chargers. Great value for money!

Thank you for your response @AnkerOfficial

Will check this tonight :wink: and get back with my results :smiley:

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Hello @AnkerOfficial

I tested charging my iPhone to 100% and then placed it on PowerWave+ Pad for wireless charging, the Wireless Pad continued providing charge to my iPhone, tested this for around 5 min, it did not stop charging :frowning:

Does wireless charging really provide Overcharging protection?

thank you! very informative!

Did it say ‘charging’ or ‘fully charged’

It does show the charging icon with even a regular charger right? But is it actually charging the phone after reaching 100% battery level? I cannot do that test. Someone with USB meter, can you test this? @gankster ?

@ikari04warrior @Ice1 it shows as 100% Charged, but I do see that the phone gets bit warm if I continue to keep it on pad for longer time, like when I keep it at night.

It’s a good idea, have my USB meter, need to search it soon and check the charging option.

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It’s weird that yours gets warm. I alwaga let mine on the wireless charger over night and in the morning it says fully charged but it’s never warm to the touch. Hope you don’t have issues with it in the future

Nice read thanks for sharing always cool to learn more. Sad it’s not as fast as wired charging but that’s to be expected