20W Powercore upgraded versions coming January

As I predicted, all the Anker 18W ports are going to 20W. Until now I had only logical reasoning, no dates as subject to manufacturing, but here is early hard evidence.


The only meaningful difference I’d expect anyone to care about is the recharge time of the 20Ah to come down. It’s not stated but my guess is 30 mins faster.

I’m only highlighting now so anyone who buys the current 18W do so with the knowledge and so factor price paid and urgency. By all means help empty stock at discounted prices of the 18W versions, as these deals appear next days and weeks.

Critical is if you get these 20W versions you pair in advance with 20W chargers like the upgraded Nano 20W. I expect the other 18W Powerport to all get upgraded, like the dual 18W to dual 20W.

Example two pack of the 20W Nano

Example 65W wall charger with 20W port, observe the shipping dates match so there is some logic of 20W across the board if you pay attention to detail.


Just don’t write in the future any buyer’s regret.


Appreciate you letting all of us know.
Wonder if this update to the 20W will slow down the process of next-generation ones with bigger updates?

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No slow down, the 18W to 20W is simply a trivial update, there’s headroom due to conservative design by Anker. It’s just the next batch being a tiny difference.

The risk, we protect consumers from, is buyers just don’t notice the difference.

I’m expecting the innovation to be in size and cost of 100W chargers which requires new electronics. Anker needs more and better 100W chargers to power their hubs and still output 60W for laptops. I’d see that as their strategic focus now, so I’m not expecting an official announcement of these 20W Powercore, their silent release with the risk buyers don’t notice as 18W and 20W sold side by side for a period.

For example here in UK the same price gets you either 18W or 20W, the scope to user error.



20W travel charger with port for laptop and legacy.


That’s pretty good but for right now I’ll stick to what I have lol

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Interesting update. 18W or 20W doesn’t do a whole lot for me - my phone doesn’t go that high, and my computer isn’t interested in that low. But maybe at some point. Good to be aware of the changes.

I am still anticipating better 100W options with more and cheaper cables available.

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And the Fusion is quietly upgraded to 20W

I’m not particularly expecting these updates to be announced, more stumble upon.