What is your record for PowerBucks?



Wait, they had PowerBucks before PowerDraw even started? So what could you use it for back then?


You gained power buck etc by visiting Anker.com and posting on the forum and you could get free products but it was like 5000 for a $5 voucher and 15000 for a Bluetooth keyboard (made up figures, I can’t remember the actual offers) so most just accumulated them so you could get on the leaderboard :grin:


@AnkerOfficial I also found that I don’t get notifications when someone replied but only when l@ mentioned. Would this be fixed when the community upgraded?


I have 23 bucks


I'm pretty new to this, so I've never made it very high. Right now I'm at about 120 I think.


I think my highest was around 1500


My highest was around 3000, but then I spent it on the past few weekly drawings but no dice, no win


i currently have 80 power bucks


thats sad and unfair


have any of u ever won?


While sad, yes but it's not unfair as it's all luck of the draw. Many have won and many have lost, again it's all a gamble and and chance for a prize. Just like the lottery, not everyone can win


does any one know how to fix this problem?


i seem to be getting a lot less bucks than usual


whats ur record for bucks?


mine is 400


i used all of it up immediately so it got wasted


Please stop with the spam post as it's a good way to get yourself into trouble as it's against the rules.
Also search can be your best friend


Kinda confused as to who this person was talking to :laughing::laughing::laughing:


2 posts up a member is creating duplicate posts and short replies in an unabashed attempt to earn Bucks. Presumably there is a Powerdraw prize they want this week.

The moderators are on to the member.

I didn't give them by Bucks by replying in their threads.


Earning bucks is a long-term task, and when you interact with each other everyday, you will naturally accumulated many bucks than you expectation.:kissing_heart: