What is best part in Anker power bank?

The best part in Anker portable charger is its design and good battery backup. i have used anker powerbank of 26000mah and i love it. Why you recommend Anker powerbanks to someone?

For me. Quality of product, customer service and speed of charge. Getting the fastest charge possible is what we ultimately need. I know there are others that can charge at max speed but then the Anker quality comes in to play.

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Jack, can you please stop creating and posting the same or similar thread over and over again. This is the third post from you basically about the same thing, why not add some pictures and engage more about the product


yeah same here. I also like their quality and speed of charging.

I don’t know if I’d say there is a “best part”. The battery is good in every sense.

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@Anjou1888 if you look, you will see there are some batteries made with metal casing.
Take This one for instance has a metal casing

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How do you know it’s metal? Not that I don’t believe you, I just don’t see it anywhere…

For starters I have that batterypack, and second if you look you will see you can tell the difference between metal and plastic
Lasercut shell, is only on metal casing


Interesting. I may look into getting a metal one.

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@Anjou1888 If you do get a metal one, use the included mesh pouch. I have one and it has scratch marks and minor dents all over it.


Okay, I’ll remember that.

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It is all the time Good!

The following one you are mentioned i also love this one.

Looks good please if you help me for giving me you suggestions here

recently i read long Review on anker 26000mah powerbank. I read all the specs and feature of this powerbank and other too but i buy this one because of its affordable price and i easily put it in my pocket.