What happens when Eufy camera can no longer be recharged?

@BHome In the email they sent you, there is an escalate to higher up than the person you dealt with. Invoke that and see what they can do for you at upper management level

Some images for people, for me it wasn’t the battery that failed it was the charger so I’ve added a battery connection for external charging, just haven’t gotten around to putting the cover back on & need to think of a mounting method

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Did elevate to a higher level and got the same reply. Sorry but buy another and send us the order number and we’ll refund 20% to your account.

ugh that’s one downside in the world we live in today. it’s cheaper to replace then repair unless you have the tools and knowledge

My Eufy Cam E can’t be loaded and there is no LED. Support can’t help. Is there anyone who can tell me, if there is a option to replace the Accu? Thanks a lot!!!

If you are a skilled tinkerer you could open the camera and replace the battery.
If not, ask someone who can do.

As it is out of any warranty you should do that.
“No risk, no fun” :rofl:

My Eufycam 2c pro cam’s battery also drains in a week with no detected events and in optimal battery life setting after 20 months of use only.

Just plug it into a usb c cable and hard wire it.

Of course this will help.
If there is something wrong with the battery and/or the mainboard,
this would be the “last chance”
It should work.
I made this with an old speaker.
Swapped the battery.
Did not help,
So a constant connection to a charger was a kind of solution.
Much better than to .litter the device. :innocent:

Hi, I have a camera that won’t charge past 24%, how can I get my unit repaired ? Its about 4 years old

Ask the support.
But If you are a skilled, open it and swap the battery.