Weekend activities! (old thread reanimated)





Yes it is!!!


Easter Sunday!
Beside of searching eggs ( no bunnie’s one :grin:),
we did not, we were taking a long walk at the banks of the Loire, what were your activities?

I’m not curious , but its always great to know about each others.

The weather is fine here!
25C :heart_eyes:


The view from my hotel room. Not the best but not too bad either


As we all know what our dear “fisherman” did.
I should tell you what I got.
I hope you are not getting bored, when I show watches.
But I like these old time keepers so much.

This one I bought yesterday at the flea market.

This one is a funny one:
Take a look, if you want please.

“ARSA, Wehrmachtswerk”

This means there is a calibre, mechanical of course, built in, which was used
in WWII by German Forces (Wehrmacht).
This was awesome sturdy (AS1130)
So this Swiss manufacturer ARSA (AS) used it after WWII as well.
The watch is about 1960 and working of course!

All steel, so it will last more than all the stuff we are talking about here, I am sure. :grin:


That looks like a sweet watch! Feel free to send it over to me!


Oh Andrew what would you do with such one.
It needs winding!
Not a smart one, good old stuff!


Now that our house is fully paid off, we are looking to get a new upgraded house. Most of the weekends are to look for open houses and new developments :slight_smile:


Finding a house is like searching for a pin in a haystack.
You should make plans with you family which is a real NEED and what not.

To lower sights is a must.

You never get what you want.

Of course good luck!

And let us know if there is something you would like to buy.
All your friends here will help you by making suggestions.
Though these might not be helpful sometimes.

Huge family here too! :wink:


How much did you pay for it?
Seems like a nice piece of history


I really can not tell.
It was a bargain!


Friday we had our first … Strawberry n cream, and they was gert lush (Bristol speak for very nice)

Then cos I put up reviews on Google maps, I “won” a postcard and couldn’t decide, then we got a pic of our granddaughter getting ready for Eurovision…

Lyra, looking extremely cute


Great Mac.
She is quite more than a winner!


Enjoy the watch friend :thumbsup:


The watch I wear 24/7 and only removed to be washed with toothbrush n soapy water, or due to MRI scanner… Due to MRI I got.myself a new earing

Although pure titanium (h23) it is non magnetic, meaning I don’t need to remove each time!
Oh, @professor it was less than £10 and my treat for a long time.

As for back to my watch, it’s a citizen sola charge, and if it’s made in jpn instead of China (as 95% are) then it’s a collector’s piece. lol

I managed to get it over 3 years… In.uk we have a shop called Argos, and it’s very easy to take back products, if.you have a problem. So over the three years, I’d take back a watch for various reasons, and upgrade by a few pounds to next model, until finally I had the money to buy it. lol it was £124 (GBP) a couple years ago (when I had more free money). I see already the same model is now £200, it’s a certified divers watch upto 200 meters or full scuba gear! It’s a watch I’ve wanted ever since I saw it and saw that it NEVER NEEDS A BATTERY, due to clever tech, all light sources keep it charged but won’t over charge.

As much as I’d only upgrade to a Tag Heuer, I’ll be with this watch til.i die instead! lol

I think Franz the watches you get are not only amazing time pieces but the history IF they could talk is fascinating


I went to watch John Wick 3 today and it was a great movie!! Lots of action and the ending was unexpected. I definitely recommend you guys to go watch it :thumbsup:


Don’t say any more.

I can’t wait for dvd release.


Lol you will like it, that’s a fact :thumbsup:


I loved the original part, tried watching part 2 yesterday and it was awful…couldn’t finish it :confounded:


Lol Keanu Reeves… can’t think of him without thinking of bill and teds excellent adventure :joy: