We Love Testing | PowerPort Atom PD 2 (US Only)



I’ve been waiting for this item for a while, so hopefully I can win it :heart:


Thanks for all of these great opportunities Anker you truly are the best


Well he was looking for a USB C hub so might just stick around


I hope so :grin:. More active members are needed :grin:


No US and my mac book is same aged


Just competed the application :grin:


Please make testing available in Europe as well :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see what happens.


Würde ich in D auch gerne kaufen.


Entered into the event, filled the application, now wait to hear :slight_smile:


This looks great!


Can us UK members get a power port pd looks amazing!


I do actually want a 60W dual-port charger, but I want 1 port to go down to only 45W, not 30W, if I plug something not needing more than 15W into the 2nd port. e.g. recharge a laptop+phone, my phone is 10W, my laptop is 45W, so if my phone was plugged in, my laptop would stop charging as its required 45W is not met by 30W, so then I’m forced to connect the phone to the laptop which can’t ingest more than 45W so the laptop gets 45W, gives at most 10W to the phone and so the laptop gets net 35W. So I’m either getting nothing or 35W to the laptop, both dumb for a very large 60W charger.

The “if both ports used give each 30W” is very low intelligence.

What I would do is use my USB meter to find what actually happens.


A user on Reddit reported that it does indeed do 45/15, but not without lots of fluctuation.


I don’t mind it “probing” and settling down, but if I’m going to have 60W’s weight+size, I want as much of 60W possible. If its yo’yoing then bad.

Anker just needs to get the unit in my hands. :thumbsup:


If the problem is the “logic” chip to arbitrate what is the share is causing the heat which is causing the huge size, why not just make a 60W charger which is smaller and sell hubs which spread the power out, possibly with say a HDMI or a Type-A port.

I own the 60W USD-PD charge, cheap, paid $36, with a long USB-C cable its my work laptop’s travel charger, my laptop is then my hub. But I have say a 18W USB-PD tablet and a 10W USB-C phone, and I would buy the Powercore 10000 PD if it verified worked with the Atom 2, as 10000mAh is a common powerbank need.

So I’m a real person with real technology requirements, and baffling Anker is not asking me questions what I need, not giving me beta products to test. I seem only to be a customer to sell to.


I plan on testing this charger on Macbook pro, Iphone X and Anker PD poratable charger


I have an iPad Pro and Nintendo Switch that I would love to test simultaneously when they both run of of battery


Tomorrow is the big day… Good luck to everyone who applied!


No, it can’t be true!