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this is pretty neat im just learning my way around here but its interesting to say the least…id love to try products out and let others know how they work etc.


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Thanks @ankerofficial and everyone for reading! I was honored of course to be chosen to participate in this discussion, I hope my thoughts will help others.

As for video reviews, you need not do video to make a great review. I wrote a lot about how I format written reviews. I think this is as important as any amount of video editing skill. A well written review with header tags and photos goes just as far (sometimes farther) than a video review. Don’t forget that.


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We invited people from different countries to share their review experience with us (some of them are good at video review, some of them are good at writing articles, and as we said before, we only receive very few responses. This is Why we can only provide this content.


I’m looking forward to seeing a revised Eufy vacuum in the future. Also I am going to be building the ultimate modern home. Any modern home products that would or could be sent over will help tremendously in one of my upcoming videos.


Maybe if you asked more people or messages them on here and gave them a headsup you would have gotten more responses


I and my fellow Europeans can only review an item, if we have it!

We love testing generally speaking is so USA biased, and even those open to Europe, seem to be won by Americans, with maybe 1 European.

As I said above, if you’re serious about getting new members n customers, you need a stronger presence in Europe, which at present is so low.

I walk into a Walmart in this country, and the only products are a single plug and a couple bulbs, none of your headsets or speakers.

I know on my Instagram, I have at first look, a small following, but it consists of large groups of people who all love tech. My Anker t-shirt got some interest, be nice to add more… And that goes for all my European friends (except old Franz … He’s too old … Joke :wink:) .

The new giveaway on social media needs to say before joining, it’s USA only.

The Instagram comp for the 10k powerbank, despite being global presence, is only for USA only.

Stuff like that, gets people thinking you’re USA only, and won’t get any new members.


No ending parentheses :weary:. You’re killing me!


I think some of the things that I have done on testing a product here is similar to what they stated. I have also learned some other good tips from this post as well. Add in the fact that I currently test and design pages/screens for a specific software at work, I think testing is similar in scope but different per product to be tested. When I first got knowledge that I was going to be a tester, I go straight to Amazon or Anker page and gather information about the product. As I am waiting for the product to arrive(so I can figure out my time frame needed for the test), I start a list of things that I can test based upon Ankers bullet points as well as things that I feel that I could provide info on that is not stated in bullet points such as design and comfort. A good example is if I would have read a review on the Anker soundbud arc, I may not have bought those. As for me, I do not like the arc’s design as I feel the arm is too squarish and don’t hug my ear and I find the main ear piece for some reason will push on my ear and after a while will start to hurt it.

I will say this that I appreciate any giveaways or testing of products that Ankers gives us the opportunity to test. I do not know of many companies that do this for their product community.


There is no walmart here in Germany.
I have found that DIY Bauhaus offering some Euvy products. BUT no bargains or discounts at all, some even more expensive than amazon.de.


This is not a boast or bragging on Anker but my experience with an Anker product, I recently purchased the
Bluetooth Headphones, Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds by Anker, Bluetooth 5.0, 8H Battery, IPX7 Waterproof, SweatGuard, Comfortable Wireless Headphones, Secure Fit for Running, Gym, Workout.
They have worked great, with good sound, but I am wanting to share my admiration at the quality of build of the product. I inadvertently left my headphones on while donning scuba gear and went diving at a marina to look for a lost item for a friend. I left the headphones on under my dive skin, for approximately 90 minutes, diving at a depth of 11ft. Only to find out that I had left them on after I had finished diving and was taking my gear off to find my headphones around my neck.
I shook them out, let them sit and dry in the sun for about 10 minutes, disgusted with myself for thinking I had fried the headphones and would have to purchase another pair. But after drying them out while I packed my gear, I thought I would just give them a try, and they still worked!
I have put them on the charger over night, and this morning they are still working exactly as before!
So thank you Anker for making such a great product.


Thanks for your story and glad they are still working for you. I have the spirit x and often swam with them in the pool while listening to music, so far they have not let me down either.


IPX7 waterproof rating! Thanks to for your good feedback!:sunglasses:


Happy to hear your headphones survived the dive. Now that’s a quality product


That’s awesome! :smiley: I have a similar pair of headphones and accidentally ran them through the washing machine and dryer. They still work great! I think that speaks volumes for the quality of products Anker sells.


I still need to get a pair of those to swim with. How do they sound while you’re swimming?

Also, these updated emojis are MASSIVE! hahahaha