Waterproof Power Banks

Waterproof ruggedized power banks would be cool. Solar panels are pretty gimmicky, so that’s really just an unnecessary price bump.Possibly something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Powerbank-Waterproof-Dustproof-Shockproof-Smartphone/dp/B00HY44VTQ

Waterproof charger? is the only semi-related post and here they were mainly talking about solar.

Waterproof rugged powerbanks sound cool if they aren’t too much bigger or expensive.

Solar panels will be good if they would work in office lighting as well as in the sun… and if they aren’t easily cracked… maybe flexible panels that have some flex in them so that you can’t break them in your bag… otherwise a thin panel is just asking for trouble :frowning:

I know, I realized that after I posted it. I’ve deleted it! :smiley:

A powerbank that has some way to make the cable waterproof as well would be very cool. The biggest issue I always think about with waterproof products is that it’s not waterproof while actually charging, which is a difficult problem to solve.

I picture the charging cable connection area of the powerbank wrapped in a rubber cover that secures on the cable itself, and maybe a matching waterproof bag/case for the phone that allows it to charge even in the rain without any components getting wet.